Stalling Out on Velocity Diet

This is my third attempt at Velocity Diet. The first time (about a year ago), I had AMAZING results – I started at 148 and ended at around 135lbs. Dropped 6% body fat and managed to keep all my lbm. Did the beginner training program.

Second time (about 3 months ago), I had been restricting my carbs for a few weeks when I started. I did a “refeed” week, adding 2-3 cupped handfuls of carbs with my meals, right before velocity. Round 2 was a huge failure, and I had to stop the diet after 2 weeks because I hadn’t lost a single ounce. Did intermediate training program.

Recently, I’ve been needing to lose some weight for my brother’s wedding, because my bridesmaid’s dress doesn’t fit (yikes!) So for the past month or so, I’ve been “dieting” – but I wouldn’t even call it a diet. For this month, I ate meals of 1 palm protein, 1 fist vegetables, 1-2 cupped handfuls carbs, 1 thumb fat. I didn’t restrict anything – I just ate one of these meals every time I got hungry. It was to just sort of reset my body, since my eating habits were getting really imbalanced. I also did a typical training program for strength gain, but added stuff like jumping jacks for all my rest periods. During this period, I lost almost 10 lbs.

A couple days before starting Velocity Diet, I added as much carbs as I wanted for each meal.

Third round: I’ve been on Velocity Diet for 2 weeks now. Here’s the thing – I’ve stalled out and can’t lose any weight again. I started at 148.6 lbs, 24% body fat. 1 week ago, when I did my first HSM, I was 146.2 lbs (2 lbs lighter than day 1)… But now, 1 week later, I’m still hovering at 147.2 lbs, and my body fat is still around 24%. What’s the deal?

Here’s what I’m doing:

  • following the diet exactly, minus the HOT-ROX (I also didn’t do the HOT-ROX the first round), but I do make sure to drink green tea a few times a day. It’s practically second nature by now.
  • advanced training program. I’m even sticking to the wicked rest periods.
  • NEPA walk on my rest days.

Is there something that I’m missing here? My partner (a personal trainer and nutritionist, not just some random) has been poring over my diet logs and can’t find anything either. He thinks that maybe I should increase my carbs, or maybe increase my healthy fat intake, but I wanted to check here first before doing any modifications. Plus, I’ve only got one month til the wedding, and I gotta fit into this dress! Any other ideas to get this diet going???

First, I have to ask, are you using all the Biotest supplements in the V-Diet, minus the fat burner? I don’t see where you’ve ever ordered from us, but maybe someone else did the ordering.

Now, what do you do when you’re NOT on the V-Diet? I ask because most people just need the one V-Diet, it resets their eating habits and food issues, and they can eat “normally” ((healthfully) and not gain anything back, except maybe a pound or two from glycogen replenishment after being on a lower carb plan, which is healthy and normal.

Now, there are some adjustment we can make, such as dropping one or two scoops of Metabolic Drive and half the fax seed from the daily intake. BUT, that’s just for those are outliers and need a little but lower calories to be a healthy fat loss zone. I don’t like to advise doing that because a person can’t just keep lowering calories or her metabolism will eventually crap out and she’ll rebound quickly. (The solution for that is to focus on muscle gain - the only metabolically active tissue we have.)

We can easily make you lose “weight” or hit your deadline for fitting into a dress, but we need to think long term here. No yo-yo’ing. A moderate diet plan and plenty of intentional muscle building is the key here. But I know you have a deadline, so try the Metabolic Drive and flax adjustment for now.

Finally, do not focus on the scale. Lose 5 pounds of fat and gain 5 pounds of muscle and the scale will show “no progress” which is of course crazy. You will build some muscle on the V-Diet and the scale can’t show you that except with a “stalled” number. Are you taking the tape measurements and photos?

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