Stacks for Afghan Combat Vet

Michael asks:

I was wondering if you pinpoint me products that I should use for a weight loss stack and then one for a lean muscle stack. I’m 29 Afghan combat vet. Gained some weight after the service and it’s been hard to shed off the pounds after I hit 26. I’m getting old lol. Your products come highly recommended and would love to give them a shot.

First of all, thank you for your service!

Sounds like your priority would be fat loss, correct? How is your current diet?

Regardless of goal, workout nutrition should always be a priority. Plazma is phenomenal there.

For direct assistance with fat loss, you can’t go wrong with Hot-Rox Extreme. Some people like to reserve the use of it to get those last stubborn pounds off, while others like to use it to jump start their fat loss.

I really like Carbolin 19 during times of focusing on lean mass. I find it really helps to keep any fat accumulation at bay. Also, you’ll find Carbolin 19 in Hot-Rox Extreme, which makes it great at helping you hold onto that precious lean body mass while dieting.

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