Stacking/Timing Alpha Male, Mag-10, Plazma


New to supplements. Been lifting for a while with nothing. Decided to give Biotest products a try. My question is on timing. I purchased Alpha Male, Mag-10, and Plazma. I workout early morning (5:30). 5-6 days a week. When should I be taking each supplement? Thanks

Training super-early can get tricky, but sticking as close to the label as possible is the best bet. I’d go:

Plazma - Start ASAP upon waking (presuming you basically roll out of bed and go train) and finish it during training.
Alpha Male - With breakfast and lunch.
Mag-10 -Any time during the day; a while after training but before breakfast, between meals, or before bed.

Thanks for the tips. Is this a good stack? Am I missing anything?

Not really. It’s a very solid start. Make sure your training and nutrition are in order and stick with it for a while to assess.

You can consider fine-tuning things with more goal-specific supplements like Indigo-3G for fat loss/body recomp or Micro-PA for size, but as far as a general “cover your bases for great progress”, you’re already on track.

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