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naveedhraja asks:

I have question about taking these three supplements together:

Hot-Rox Extreme
Alpha Male

I noticed that both Hot-Rox and Alpha Male contain Carbolin-19 so is it okay to still be taking Carbolin-19 also? If I can do the stack together, how many pill of each I should be taking in the morning and in the afternoon?

All of those supps do contain Carbolin-19, so it’s tricky trying to work them all together. Using Tribex instead of Alpha Male would be a better way to get a Testosterone boost while still using the other supps for fat loss.

If you already do have all 3 (Hot-Rox, Alpha Male, and Carbolin 19), I’d take the Alpha Male as directed - 5 days on, 2 days off - and use the Carbolin 19 just on those 2 “off” days. The Hot-Rox, I’d probably go with a max of 2 caps a day on training days and maybe 1 cap on non-training days depending on your current condition and diet.

It sounds a bit confusing but long story short, you shouldn’t use all three of those at the same time in the amounts the label recommends, but you can you all three of them if it’s planned properly.

Knowing more details about your training, diet, and current shape would help dial things in, but I might run something like:

Monday to Friday: Alpha Male in the morning, 1 or 2 caps of Hot-Rox in the late morning, Alpha Male in the evening.
Saturday and Sunday: Hot-Rox in the morning, Carbolin 19 in the evening.

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