Stacking Se7en, Mag-10 & Indigo-3G


I just bought some Se7en and extra Mag-10 to go along with the Indigo-3G and Plazma I already use before/during workouts.

My goal is to make the 148 weight class Jan 25th for a power-lifting meet. I’m currently hovering between 160 and 164 in the mornings after I go to the bathroom. It’s not an impossible cut, and I did it for the same meet last year.

What I’m wanting know is how to best take advantage of Se7en’s benefits while cutting. I’m picturing using Mag-10 to replace some food in the evenings (I get really healthy options for lunch every weekday during the semester for roughly a dollar at training table, so it is usually my biggest meal)–Am I on the right track?

Yes, that sounds like a solid plan.

<a href=""target=“new”>Se7en requires no special rules other than one capsule in the AM, one capsule in the PM (it won’t keep you awake since it’s not a stimulant.)

With your fat loss and strength goals, have you looked into <a href=""target=“new”>Carbolin 19? Here’s a new article on it: The thyroid stimulating effects may be just what you need, plus you’ll also retain muscle and strength while cutting down. It’s an option, and you can stack it with Se7en if you’d like.

I love Carbolin 19.

But that article got me thinking: for those who are on thyroid meds for hypothyroidism, should they be avoiding Carbolin 19? Or it is possible that Carbolin 19 can effectively REPLACE thyroid medication therapy for those who are borderline hypothyroid? Interesting questions. Pretty sure the formal answer is “we are not doctors nor pretend to be. Those on thryoid meds for hypothyroidism should consult their doctors before use of Carbolin 19”.

Too bad the majority of doctors asked that question wouldn’t really know how to advise.

Yep, “consult your doctor.” We always suggest printing out the supplement info so the doc can look it up if needed.

The problem is most doctors have pill pushers (Big Pharma) in their offices everyday taking them out to nice lunches so that the Doc will start recommending their respective pills to his patient(s).

If you can find a holistic doctor in your area I would recommend giving them a try. The problem is most of them are not accepted by insurance plans so people can’t afford to go them.

Our overall medical system is broken and full of greed, and it’s the hard working American’s who are truly feeling the effects. I hope that as technology gets better, and non-biased information is shared that we will have a paradigm shift in the way people are treated by the medical community.

Just remember the best medicine is good nutrition (and a little supplementation).

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