Stacking Products

sboettcher0352sn asks:

Any advice on taking Alpha Male, Rez-V, and ZMA together or should they all be separate doses? Can any be taken with food or meals? Thanks.

They can all be taken together and at the same time if that’s more convenient. You’ll just want to stick with the recommended timing of the two Alpha Male doses (and follow the cycling guidelines).

You can take Alpha Male and Rez-V with food, but you’ll want to take ZMA on an empty stomach and away from calcium rich foods, as the calcium can inhibit proper absorption of zinc.

That’s a great stack. Enjoy.

I, literally, take the three of these almost every day (plus Curcumin). I typically have Alpha Male, Rez-V, and Curcumin are all together in the morning, usually an hour or two before breakfast; 2nd Alpha Male dose in the early afternoon (coincidentally, about an hour before training); ZMA is about a half-hour before bed.

Taking certain things with food can slow down absorption and, like SBT mentioned, calcium-rich foods can specifically interfere with the minerals in ZMA, so be cognizant of that. I’d try to keep a buffer of an hour-ish between the supps and eating.

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