Stacking Indigo-3G® and Alpha Male®

Ismael asks:

I am interested in stacking Indigo-3G® with Alpha Male®. Is this recommended or even necessary? What would you recommend?

That would be a good start to improve body composition and boost Testosterone, if that’s what you’re after.

It’s not “necessary” to stack those two because they’re two entirely different supplements with different ingredients and they’re used for different purposes. They can absolutely be used at the same time, they’re just unrelated.

Workout nutrition like either Surge Workout Fuel or Plazma is something I’d say is more “necessary” to stack with Indigo-3G to really get the most benefit of the nutrient partitioning, insulin sensitivity-boosting effects.


Thanks. What I am after is gaining a bit of size during this off season. I will compete in my next powerlifting meet sometime at the end of the year (2018). I can gain weight quick, just not quality. Trying to gain muscle so that when meet prep starts I am ready to go. Any suggestions?

In that case, I’d go with Micro-PA, hands down. It basically helps your body respond better to muscle-building stimulus, and can actually have some strength-boosting benefits. No problem using it in addition to the Indigo and Alpha Male. But if you had to choose either/or, I’d probably go with Micro-PA over Indigo-3G for your current goal (unless you’re currently very high bodyfat, which would change things a bit and I’d say the Indigo was a higher priority).

I’m assuming you’re already taking creatine, too. It almost a standard/assumed supp at this point, especially for powerlifters. Basically no reason not to be using it.

If you’re gaining too much bodyfat when adding weight, adjust your daily calories and/or carbs (carb cycling like this can be super-useful), and consider some “damage control” cardio. This article explains how to program conditioning without interrupting strength work.

You might also want to toss up your training and diet over in the Powerlifting forum so other lifters can take a look at your plan and offer more feedback.

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