Stacking Carbolin 19 with Rez-V

I’m thinking of stacking Carbolin 19 with Rez-V. Is that a good combo?.

If so how would I go about doing it? Do I take all pills at the same time or what would be the recommended way of taking?

Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with stacking Carbolin 19 and Rez-V. You’ll have a nice body recomposition and hormonal optimization/health stack.

You can take them at the same time of day, too. You’ll want to follow the label instructions for dosing with Carbolin 19, but you can take Rez-V with either your first or second Carbolin 19 dose, whichever is easier for you.

I’m planning the same but also adding one cap of curcumin as well. Any issues with that? Thanks

No problem. There’s no overlap between any of them.


For carbolin, label indicates 1-2 caps twice a day. As a first time user, do you recommend a incremental dosing schedule, 1 cap twice a day, for X number of days, and then increase to 2 caps, twice a day thereafter. Thanks for your input.

Ok thanks. What if I want to include Micro-PA to the Carbolin 19/Rez-V stack… is that a good idea and how would ingo about stacking all 3? Again thanks for your help.

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No issues here, I’ve stacked all of those many times! Carbolin 19 you’d take first thing in the AM, and again about 6 hours later on an empty stomach. Rez-V I usually take after breakfast. Micro-PA is 60 minutes prior to training. Keep us updated!

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