Stacking Carbolin 19® Supplements

Shane asks:

Can you take Alpha Male®, Carbolin 19®, and Hot-Rox®? I was wondering because Hot-Rox® and Alpha Male® also have Carbolin 19®.

Correct, the ingredients do overlap in those products, so they shouldn’t be taken at the same time.

If you wanted to take them, space it out so you’re not taking them at the exact same time (like two caps of Hot-Rox with two caps of Alpha Male) and watch your total day’s intake of Carbolin 19.

It can be tricky, but if you wanted to stack them together, I’d probably go:

Monday to Friday: Alpha Male in the morning, Hot-Rox before training (presuming training is a few hours away from breakfast and dinner), Alpha Male at night.

Saturday and Sunday: Carbolin 19 with lunch and dinner, Hot-Rox before breakfast or before training (presuming training is several hours away from lunch and dinner).

That way, you’re sticking with the recommended 5 on/2 off for Alpha Male while still getting full doses of Carbolin 19 every day. Hot-Rox before training is always nice for an extra boost in energy and fat loss.

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