Stacking Carbolin 19 and Indigo-3G?

So what would be the recommended dosage for stacking these two?

do i stick to the 6x2 Indigo -3G? and whats the dosage for the Carbolin 19?

Just follow the label directions on each and you’ll be following the best plan. If you don’t have the supplements yet, you can view the labels at the store:

<a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G
<a href=""target=“new”>Carbolin 19

do i keep my bulking diet the same or do i need to adjust it? its a clean diet, with Indigo-3G approved carbs/food.

Sure, if that’s your main goal. I would never adopt a “bulking” without the nutrient repartitioning benefits of Indigo-3G myself. Just remember that Indigo-3G allows you to consume more carbs and overall calories, so give it a couple of weeks and adjust the diet as needed. Most people are surprised by how much they can ramp up carbs and cals.

it is safe to stack them tho?

[quote]ESPguitarist1990 wrote:
it is safe to stack them tho?[/quote]

My skin hasn’t turned green and I haven’t exploded yet, so I’d say yes.

[quote]ESPguitarist1990 wrote:
it is safe to stack them tho?[/quote]


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