Stack Suggestions

Louis asks:

My girlfriend and I are about to take on a strength training program to gain muscle and strength. I’m wondering what stacks you suggest for both.

For beginners always start with a good workout plan (a lot to find on t-nation), an appropriate nutrition plan (calories and macro, real/non-processed nutrients) and all the rest is supplement, meaning less important than workout and diet. If you want to start taking something extra, start with creatine 5g daily. All the rest is for later.

Good to hear. When you get a minute, check out 9 Reasons Couples Should Workout to reinforce the good decision you guys are getting into. :wink:

First thing to address is always workout nutrition. It’s the easiest way to maximize performance during workouts and improve recovery/reduce soreness between workouts. Plazma is top of the field, but Surge Workout Fuel would be the next best bet if you guys plan on going through a bunch of it in a week.

After that, really things depend a bit on your sizes (height/weight/fat levels), your specific training, your eating. Variables like that. Metabolic Drive is a versatile protein to have as shakes, make into protein pancakes or other stuff.

Creatine, like foxpower said, can be very useful for strength (for both men and women), but I wouldn’t say it mandatory like basic workout nutrition. Definitely up there though. Inexpensive with a bunch of benefits, but not “essential”.

If you have a bunch of fat to lose while building muscle and strength, you could consider Indigo-3G that basically helps your body process carbs better. If you’re more on the underweight side and looking to add muscle, Micro-PA might be a better choice, but that would be even more effective with certain types of training (not strictly strength-focused).

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