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bigarms24 asks:

I am a 50yo male with over 35yrs of training. Spent most of my adult life serving this country so fitness was paramount. Would one of your nutrition experts give me some advice on the biotest supplements?

I take Plazma, Mag-10, Alpha Male, Micro-PA, and Indigo-3G already. Should I add Curcumin, Rez-V, and maybe Carbolin 19?

I love your products and want to try a supplement stack based on the recommendations if possible?

That’s a very solid combo of the most effective supps you’re already working on. I’d go with the label directions on everything and, as long as your training and nutrition are dialed in, you’ll be in a really good place to add muscle and drop fat.

Training days: Plazma before/during training, Micro-PA and Indigo-3G before training, Mag-10 after training (or really whenever), Alpha Male twice a day.

Non-training days: Mag-10 whenever, Micro-PA shortly before Mag-10, Indigo-3G before the biggest meal of the day, Alpha Male twice a day.

I wouldn’t actually add the Carbolin 19 because it’s main ingredient is also one of the ingredients in Alpha Male and you don’t want to overlap it. Some people do take Carbolin 19 on the two days a week they’re not taking Alpha Male, but it’s not necessary.

Curcumin and Rez-V are definitely fine to add in and should deliver a solid one-two punch of health benefits. Flameout would be another thing that works along those same lines.

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