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Fitnessjunkie31 asks:

Hi there. I was thinking about buying a big stack. I want to get lean but I want to also pack on more lean muscle. I was hoping you would be able to give me any tips or hints on the products and what you would recommend for my goals. I’m 208lbs just now and at 5.10ft and what you would recommend training wise?

My stack :
Plazma™ Super Stack
BCAA Structured Peptides™
Hot-Rox® Extreme
Carbolin 19®

Good choices, but let us save you a few bucks:

<a href=""target=“new”>Plazma Super Stack has you very well covered as far as BCAA peptides go, so no need for BCAA separately.

Hot-Rox already has Carbolin 19 in the formula, so just go for the Hot-Rox.

Now, most people find that Indigo-3G, already part of the Plazma Super Stack, is all they need for fat loss. Although it’s not a traditional “fat burner” and works via different mechanisms, Indigo-3G takes care of the issues that cause fat gain to begin with. So what we’d suggest is leave out the Hot-Rox for now and add it in when you hit a sticking point, or if you find you just want an energy boost.

<a href=""target=“new”>Micro-PA is a solid addition to the Plazma Super Stack, so good choice there.

Thanks for the reply

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