Stack for Trying to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

Chad asks:

So, I was wondering if it would be okay to stack these together - Rez-V™, Carbolin 19®, Alpha Male®. Trying to lose fat and gain muscle. Or is there a better stack you would recommend?

Stacking Rez-V, Carbolin 19, and Alpha Male would be a very potent Testosterone-boosting stack, first and foremost. That would bring with it some benefits to building muscle and losing fat.

It’s definitely a solid approach, but the foundation to any stack for any goal is workout nutrition. Plazma is the top choice there, but Surge Workout Fuel is the next-best bet to have more wiggle room in the budget for the rest of the supps.

The only other thing to pay attention to when stacking Carbolin 19 and Alpha Male is to not use them on the same day, because Carbolin 19 is already in Alpha Male. Take the Carbolin 19 just on the two days a week you’re off Alpha Male (as per the label. 5 on, 2 off) and you’re golden.

So you can take Carbolin 19 on the two off days? That I didn’t know. I usually take Alpha Male for 5 days and take the Rez-V only on the weekends.

Yep. Then you’re getting the forskolin benefits 7 days a week without overlapping the two different supplements. Rez-V can (and arguably should) be taken the same days as Alpha Male. There’s no overlap and Rez-V’s anti-estrogenic effects may boost Alpha Male’s effectiveness.

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