Stack for Muscle Mass and Strength

Katie asks:

I’m wondering if you can give me a suggestion on a good stack to gain lean muscle mass and strength.

Katie, happy to offer some input! Keeping in mind all of these are fine for a female, here’s what I’d recommend.

Micro-PA - The best choice for adding LBM in my opinion, I started seeing results with this within the first few weeks and have kept it as a staple ever since.

Indigo-3G - Will allow you to eat more carbs, put them to good use and gain more LBM over time. Another staple for me! Especially as a female looking to put on mass, it’s important not to be carbophobic. Eat up (smartly of course) and put them to good use!

Carbolin 19 - Will help keep you lean and in an anabolic state while gaining mass, it’s great for a cutting or gaining phase.

Finibar - If you like to eat whole foods before your session, these bars can’t be beat, I eat two of them before every workout.

Plazma - The best pre-peri workout drink on the market, will no doubt fuel your training optimally, leading to better performance, better gains, etc.

These can all be taken together without issues, be sure to follow the directions on the labels, and post with any further questions!

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