Stack for Lean Muscle/Fat Loss

Paul asks:

I came across your products after following testosterone nation.

I’m quite intrigued with you products. Can you advise me on a few of them please?

Can Micro-PA be used as a stand alone product? Can you recommend a stack for a lean muscle/fat loss plan?

Micro-PA can be used by itself, but the results are improved when it is taken an hour before workout nutrition or a quick digesting protein on non-training days.

Micro-PA would fit in nicely with a body recomposition stack. Depending on which of those goals is your main priority, you have options.

If you’d like to prioritize muscle gain with some fat loss, Carbolin 19 is a fine choice (or Alpha Male depending on your age/testosterone level).

If you’d like to blast the fat off first, Hot-Rox Extreme is a phenomenal choice.

What are you currently doing for workout nutrition? You’ll want to make that a priority if you haven’t already.

Also, what is your age and weight (bodyfat percentage too if you know it). I’ve thrown a lot at you, but we can dial it all in from there.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the feed back.

At this time I’m wanting to hit the fat first. Hard and fast!

At the moment there’s not much working out due to COVID. Gyms are closed etc. I am managing some Pts and a bit of cycling.

I don’t really have Pre workout nutrition. It’s not something I’ve ever really done. Just made sure I Try eat good through the day.

I’m 34, 5ft 10” and 15st 7lbs. Body fat is to high!

Just looking for a bit of feedback and look to purchase your products.

Do you ship to Scotland?


Yes, we do ship worldwide!

Would it be possible to get your thoughts please.


Sorry for the delay!

Excellent. Let’s get that fat off. I’d definitely recommend starting with Hot-Rox then.

And given that you’re new to workout nutrition, the time-tested Surge Recovery formula is a perfect starting point. Here’s some bonus reading too.

You mentioned cycling. Is that a bike or a machine at home? Do you have any additional equipment at home? This article has some very unique at-home workout ideas.

Would you mind laying out an average day of eating?

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