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Brian asks:
I was wanting to know can you take Thermogenic Hot-Rox Extreme and Alpha Male as a stack? Also I am doing Crossfit training so I was wanting to know if I need both of these supplements when doing this type of exercises? How well does the Thermogenic Hot-Rox Extreme work as far as losing weight?

Hot Rox works very well when it comes to losing weight but it wouldn’t be my first choice with Crossfit athletes. My Crossfit athletes use PLAZMA and MAG-10 to fuel their workouts and recover from them and Brain Candy when they want a boost in performance. These would be better choices for crossfit sessions than a stimulant/fat burner.

Also, be sure to order some Flameout , extremely beneficial for the joints and overall health.

I am interested in the product Brain Candy but I see that it comes with caffeine or no caffeine! What is the difference in the two? Also is this product good for you to help throughout the day?

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can you take Thermogenic Hot-Rox Extreme and Alpha Male as a stack?[/quote]
Those two aren’t recommended to take together, because they both contain a dose of Carbolin 19. If you did want to try taking them “together”, I’d avoid taking them on the same day and/or use the lowest dose of each (1 cap Hot-Rox, 1 cap twice a day Alpha Male) to assess tolerance.

You definitely don’t “need” a fat burner or a Testosterone booster to do CrossFit training. Like Thib said, workout nutrition like Plazma will have a much more noticeable effect. And Flameout, like Rob said, can help you stay ahead of any joint issues.

Depending on other factors like your exact training, overall nutrition, and current bodyfat, you could probably hold off on the Hot-Rox for a bit. And, depending on your age, you could consider waiting on the Alpha Male.

Hot-Rox is super-effective for boosting fat loss. When I’ve used it though, the thing I noticed most was that it totally killed my appetite, which is obviously helpful when cutting calories.

The only difference is literally just the caffeine content. And yep, some people use it instead of morning coffee or instead of an afternoon energy drink, but you should still only have one Brain Candy a day.

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