Stack Alpha Male® and Hot-Rox®?

Blaine asks:

Would it be too much to stack the Alpha Male® and Hot-Rox®? Or should I hold off on the Hot-Rox® until I’m done with Alpha Male® and transitioning more into a cutting phase.

If you’re not currently in a cutting phase, then it doesn’t really make sense to be using Hot-Rox, no. It works best when your training and nutrition are coordinated towards dropping maximum fat.

When you’re up for it though, they can be used together, but you need to keep an eye on scheduling because they both contain forskolin, so you don’t want to overlap.

It’ll depend a bit on how your training and rest days are setup, but you’d use the Alpha Male 5 days on/2 days off like the label suggests, and either just use the Hot-Rox on those two “off” days and/or use just one cap on the other days as long as it’s spaced out away from the Alpha Male.

Like, one Hot-Rox in the morning before training, Alpha Male in the afternoon, 2nd Alpha Male dose later at night.

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