Stack Advice for Current V-Diet Routine

Hello T-Nation and Biotest.

I’m going to use the V-Diet as my guide and considering the following:

  1. Plazma
  2. Mag-10
  3. Alpha Male
  4. Micro-PA
  5. Indigo-3G
  6. Hot-Rox | Power Drive | Brian Candy
  7. Carbolin 19
  8. Power Drive

My biggest concerns are addressing:

  • Fatigue
  • Motivation/Mental energy to get my ass in gear
  • Sustaining energy throughout workout
  • Maintaining mental clarity
  • Avoiding jittery energy as experienced with caffeine version of HotRox

Which supplements would be the might I keep or remove?

How would you recommend timing or staggering these?
I already have Micro-PA, Plazma, a veggie/antioxidant powder, and creatine.

Also, I just ended a week long water/salt/ACV fast which I ended with lots of fermented food and collagen enriched stews (peptides added to bone broth, because I’ve read bone broth may have questionably bioavailable amounts of collagen). It was an enriching experience, during which the days grew longer as I faced hunger as a habit vs what my body needed, was forced to do things with my time rather than focus on food, and recalibrated my relationship with hunger and food. I worked out, got lots of sun, did projects around the house and healed my body.

Now I’m going into a plan with the V-DIET as my guide.


Any ideas?

Hey man,

So, lots to unpack here. If I follow right, it boils down to: You’re doing the V-Diet and “Which supplements would be the might I keep or remove? How would you recommend timing or staggering these?”

In general, you’ll never go wrong sticking to the label recommendation on all the stuff. You just want to be aware to avoid overlapping ingredients (like Alpha Male and Carbolin 19 both contain, um, Carbolin 19 [basically], and Brain Candy is pretty much an upgraded version of Power Drive).

So, broad picture, I’d go: Plazma for lifting sessions, Micro-PA before lifting, creatine daily, one caffeine-free Brain Candy a day for the mental clarity/energy/motivation boost. Indigo-3G would be a nice addition before the HSM (or before workouts) to further improve insulin sensitivity. Alpha Male would be straight from the label (1-2 twice a day; 5 days on, 2 days off).

Mag-10 is an awesome choice in general, but it’s tricky on the V-Diet because it’s not as filling/satiating as a Metabolic Drive shake (and it’s not supposed to be), so it’s not really something you want to replace one of the daily shakes with due to potential hunger issues.

I do really like having Mag-10 before bed, so that’s an option. It’s also awesome for metcon work and could be used during the v-burn challenge without issue.

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