Sports on V-Diet

Hey Chris, been a while since my last vdiet. This will be my 3rd or 4th time, and I’ve got a question that I assume has been asked already. Rather than go through every thread I figured I’d just ask my specific question. I play indoor soccer 1x/week. It’s one hour and would be on one of my non-training days. My questions is, what do you think is the best supplementation plan for these nights?

I’m not going to stop playing, even if it does mean some potential for muscle loss. My strategy is 2 servings of Plazma before the game followed immediately by my night shake. Figure that should protect most muscle loss…it’s all out sprinting for an hour basically.


Once a week is no problem, and that’s a solid plan of attack with the supplements!

you the man Chris. Thanks for letting me eat dinner every night this time bro. My wife thanks you as well.

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