Sport and the V-Diet: Regaining Strength?

O am coming to the end of my V-Diet with so far very pleasing results. I have lost around 28Lbs in the first 3 weeks and am enetering my 4th week, but i have the issue that i have toplay in a rugby tournament on the 31st of august and i was wandering what preparations i would have to take for this?

Should i Transition off early or will a week and a half be long enough to transition off. Also at the end of the transition are you back at full strength or should i begin the transition early to make sure i wil have the energy/ strength fo the tournament.

This is not an attempt to wimp out of the diet as so far i have found it very enjoyable and am amazed at its effectiveness.


48lbs!!!w aouhhhhh . I just have one word to say congratulations!!!

Baron can you detail your weightloss week by week a little more for us?

can you tell us your starting weight and height, and your current stats

You’ll be fine. Once you start bumping up your food intake during transition, all your energy is back up to normal levels. At lest, that was the case for me.

Oh whoops ha ha, was meant to be 28 lbs but yeah still pretty good im 6ft1 and was 245lbs and dropped around 10 lbs in the first week and around 8 in the second and 6 in the third. measurements wise i was a little lazy and just thought that i would run the diet rather than document it probably a bit stupid really but too late now my rams have shrunk from around 18" to 16.5 but that was form a measurement a few weeks before.

To be honest i didnt thinki would be able to do the diet but determination proved a lot more stronger a tool that i had originally thought. I think ideally i want to lose around another 14 Lbs if possible. Thanks for the info on the energy, thats a big weight off my mind as the point of this diet was to become faster as i have to play in a 7s tournament.

Ok i think this diet may have messed my head up or its a mix of that and the fact that i never use lbs except on here but i have lost 2.5 stone, which i believe is actually 35 Lbs not 28. sorry for all the confusion and thanks for thehelp.

Congratulations on the awesome weightloss! Although you might have to get a jersey with a higher number, now you’r under 16 stone :smiley:

I more or less your old stats - just a bit taller. Which formula did you use to find your energy intake? There’s s different formula if you want to loose more than 35lbs.

I also play rugby (tight head) but I’ve broken my collarbone, so I probably won’t play 'til spring. I figure this would a perfect time to try the V-Diet :slight_smile:

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