Splitting Up Indigo-3G Dose


I have a couple questions regarding my current workout nutrition plan, which is as follows:

6:00a wake, 6 Indigo-3G
6:30a 1 Finibar
6:50a 1 Plazma Dose
7:00-8:00a workout (6 Weeks to Superhero), 1 Plazma Dose
8:30a 1 MAG-10 Dose
9:30a 1 MAG-10 Dose
10:00a 1 Finibar
12:00p Lunch

First off, how does the plan look overall? The reason it is set up the way it is with majority supplements/shakes is because I am training before work and it is easiest to bring the MAG-10 pulses and Finibar to work with me. I just switched to fitting in a Finibar preworkout, whereas before I had 2 Finibars at 10:00a instead due to timing issues preworkout. The Finibar timing preworkout seemed to work, though.

In addition, I was wondering what my options were with possibly splitting up my Indigo-3G dose. I know you’ve mentioned it normally stays in the blood for about 6 hours, so with me taking the dose at 6:00a, it will be clearing out of my system by my lunch time (12:00p). Taking lunch earlier isn’t an option, and I’d really like to be able to take in a good amount of carbs during lunch while still taking advantage of Indigo-3G’s effects. Would it work to do something like take 4 pills upon waking, then 2 sometime after my workout? Or does it not matter that much and just stick with 6 upon waking?

Thanks in advance.

  1. Schedule looks solid. Looks almost exactly my mine on many days in fact.

  2. Tim Patterson said that it’s best to take the full dosage at once for optimal effect. If you’d like to take a second dosage (4-6 capsules) in the afternoon, that’s perfectly fine though. Up to 12 a day (2 doses of 6) is effective.

Thanks, Chris.

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