Splitting the Mid Afternoon Shake


I am in my second day of Velocity and doing well. I was getting hungry between my breakfast and lunch shakes so I have started splitting the Mid Afternoon shake with one scoop between breakfast and lunch, then the full lunch shake with supplements, and then taking the other scoop between lunch and dinner with the Flameout. Is it ok to split the shake like that to control my hunger?


Yes, that’s perfectly fine.

Also, make sure this is real hunger. It probably is, but sometimes it’s easy to confuse hunger for a cravings, or the very real withdrawal symptoms that come from dropping a lot of wheat-based carbs from the diet. This takes a week or two to get over. That said, your plan sounds fine, and I recommend that often to people.


Good deal! It seems to be working well for me and in the evenings I even have to remember to take my bedtime shake because I am not all that hungry. I have my girlfriend eat her dinner with me, even though she says she feels bad. I told her to get over it because I WANT to be tempted and tested in the beginning so I will not cave when the end is in sight. I have a few social gatherings coming up so these will all be good opportunities for me to test my will power. I already know I will be fine because I will not let myself fail. Food has been my drug, but Velocity is my Betty Ford Clinic!!