Spinach Meals


Hey Chris,

I’ve been craving spinach but I’ve never cooked it in any way other than just boiling it. Do you have any meals with spinach as the main ingredient? Thanks.


I buy a lot of frozen spinach and use it in chili and frittata. I have some recipes for those in the HSM forum.

I never boil it, but you can take fresh spinach and toss it into a pan with a little olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Great side dish.


Thanks Chris. Also, what about something like salmon cakes? I love them but I don’t want to use bread crumbs or crackers like most recipes. What’s a good replacement? Do you have a salmon cake recipe?


I’ve made them, but it’s been a while. I think I used almond flour or oatmeal. I usually use oatmeal as a bread replacer in meatballs and meatloaf.


It took me a while but I finally found the healthy stuff at my grocery store. What do you think of this stuff? It says it’s wheat, gluten, soy and dairy free. No preservatives. Ingredients: Rice flour, water, yeast, salt, sugar. The label says theres practically 0g of sugar per serving and the only thing I don’t know about is yeast. Is that bad?

Also, I found the almond flour at my store. Going to get that next time. Shits expensive…


That looks pretty good.

Some things list sugar, but like you said, it adds up to almost nothing in the macros.