Spike Tabs - No Longer on Site?


Did I miss something? The Spike tabs were out of stock and now they are gone from the site. Has this product gone away for good?


I guess since nobody else cares, this product was removed because it didn’t sell very well. So be it.


I hope it is simply being reformulated. It has long been a staple for me, particularly as a pre-workout. I know it was already discussed years ago, but I really miss the old caffeine & yohimbine free version For improving focus at work. It seemed to work better then other brands of sulbutiamine I have used.


It is currently discontinued for the time being, but may be relaunched sometime down the line.

If you’re looking for a yohimbine-free energy supplement, Brain Candy (that’s also available caffeine-free), Spike Double Shots, and Spike Energy would be the best choices. Spike Shooter does contain yohimbine.


How long did reformulation take for Alpha Male?!? And/or power drive? Please bring spike tablets back, so much more efficient than shipping liquids


Been using this stuff for like 8 years. This, power drive, and surge recovery were staples for me. Wish spike tablets or power drive were still around.

Thanks for the response Chris. I hope that keeping spike to market is valued by Biotest, but I’m not going to be butthurt if it isn’t making sense for them business wise. Just a major pain trying to find a new stim when the spike was the first one I’ve tried.


Count me in for a vote of “please bring them back eventually”. They’re very convenient to carry around and I liked being able to control the dosage, sometimes 300mg caffeine is too much for me if I’m training in the evenings, and 1 cap at 150mg was just right.


Ya I loved the Spike Tabs. Was able to go through the airport with them. Hopefully they come back in some form or the other.


Christ that’s disappointing.

Been using Spike tablets for years now.

Guess there’s more money to be made with users dosing up on several of those new hip Spike energy shooters… rather than 1 tablet which will last you all night.


I’ve used Spike tabs for years. For golf and workouts they couldn’t be beat for convenience and effectiveness. I’ve had to go to the Spike Double Shot and Brain Candy. A half bottle of each taken about 2 hours apart per day seem to work well. Hopefully, Biotest will reformulate the Spike tabs and bring them back.


I used them as well if I’m leading a team in a critical operation at our refinery as well as when I coach ball games. I found it made me more aware of situations and to think clear to make on the run decisions.


I always love hearing about how people use things, especially outside of a gym setting.

Have you tried Brain Candy, @Race_Fan? Sounds like a good fit for those scenarios.


I still have a couple of Brain Candy from when they were promotional. Ha, they might be expired by now. Spike tabs were my go to because I could keep them in the handy black 2 capsule spike tube and pop one when needed. Brain Candy may get it done, but, I would definitely miss the portability of Spike tabs. Maybe rebrand and promote?


I also used to race alcohol fueled go karts. Nothing like Spike to focus in on track position and adjustments.


I remember getting a few of those Brain Candy way back in the day for free, just thrown in as a promo with an order. I think it actually may have came with an order of Spike tablets haha. I haven’t taken Spike since then but I agree that caps are almost always better than dealing with a shaker bottle and powder. Unfortunately I think red bull and 5 hour energy has conditioned the masses to associate energy with a drink. Asking someone about energy pills leads most people to think of those scary looking horse pills sold at truck stops and gas stations.


The thing is, the tablets had ingredients that the drinks lack. Very sorry that the tablets are no longer available.