Spike Tablet Timing


I have a simple question today: Planning to get back on Spike tablets pre-workout (can’t afford Plazma, MAG-10, etc. right now) and I was wondering what the “optimal” time would be to take it?
I usually eat a meal 1.5-2 hrs before I lift. I have assumed in the past that 30 min would work. Is this correct, or should I take it earlier/later? Thanks guys.


<a href=""target=“new”>Spike Tablets are rapid release so it won’t take long to kick in, but it depends somewhat on when and how much you’ve eaten before. You’ll feel it regardless but obviously taking a Spike tab on an empty stomach will hit you faster than with a meal. I’d say about 10-15 minutes is right with your schedule, probably sooner. You’ll figure it out after a couple of uses.