Spike Shooters/Double Shot vs Brain Candy

What is the difference between Spike Shooters double shot and Brain Candy. Is it just the caffeine amount? Both increase energy and seem to have the same neutropic qualities??


Those are three different things.
Spike Shooters: Spike® Shooter, Original - Biotest
Spike Double Shot: Spike® Double Shot - Biotest
and Brain Candy: Brain Candy® Mind Energizing Once-Per-Day Shot - Biotest

The biggest difference right off the bat is that Brain Candy is available in a caffeine-free formula and none of the Spike products are. So it allows you to still get the brain-boosting benefits if you wanted or needed to avoid caffeine (like taking it for an end of day boost if you wanted to caffeine close to bed).

Spike Shooters are unique because they contain yohimbine which can increase fat loss and improve blood flow. While the Double Shot contains beta-alanine which can improve power output and endurance.

Brain Candy contains a bunch of ingredients not found in the Spike lineup, and they basically all work towards getting neurotransmitters firing, activating motor units, and turning all the mental dials to 11.

It kinda comes down to what you’re looking for. The effects are kinda similar between them (a better working brain and body), but the details are a bit different. For something specifically preworkout, I’d probably go for a Spike Shooter or Double Shot (Spike Shooter especially if you’re after fat loss). For something to get through a long day at the office or in the classroom, or before an after-work training session, Brain Candy might be the go-to.

Thank you.

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