Spike, C3G and HOT-ROX

I’m looking for some feedback on these 3 supplements. I’d like people to compare Spike and C3G, since Spike says it cannot be taken with other stimulants. And I would like to know if that includes Brain Candy. My plan is to use whichever stimulant in the off-season.

Also do you need to take Spike even on days when you are not working out? I think the site suggests that, but I am inclined to only take stimulants before working out.

With HOT-ROX, I plan to take a fat burner near the end of my competition prep, if it is HOT-ROX, I would do so 2 months out, and I wonder if this supplement would allow me to increase my caloric intake, and if it is a strong fat-buner.

I can not supply the links to various threads, but there are several on these questions/products.

I have seen them. I have read them.

The truth is out there…I found it using the SEARCH function.

Good luck with the prep.

Spike is an energy drink. Use it as such. As far as supplements, I prefer Plazma before.

Indigo-3G,, heck, TC has an article or two about it. Again, use it as directed.

HOT-ROX, keep it for the last 2-3 months before the competition.

You seem to ask very basic questions for someone who is about to compete. Care to share what exactly you are doing as far as supplements go? Including time lines! Starting a log with diet and work outs would be ideal. Lots of people that have actually competed can give you better insights.

The post above (I actually agree with), is in direct correlation with your question. You need to start asking better questions.

The C3G did not mean to be a question about Indigo-3G, it’s about the other energy drink here, I should have put GPC. That’s my fault, but the question of it versus Spike still stands.

Thank you for editing your original post. Much better questions.

You cannot compare C3G and Spike. Period. The other thread has a link and explains everything. Stimulants are an old fashion way of working out. Some people need the boost. Use it as such. Brain candy is different also. Caffein free version would be better to lower the stimulant consumption. Again, Spike is old fashion, Brain Candy is the new kid on the block. I prefer the mental clarity over the stimulation of the body.

If you want to only take before a work out, that is fine. Brain Candy can be taken every day and some people swear by it. Up to you on that one. I would not take a stimulant (like spike) every day. But that is me.

HOT-ROX would not let you up your caloric intake. It is a fat burner, not a miracle pill. Chris C says it lowers his appetite. I found it did the same for me. And I only used 2 a day. Indigo-3G on the other hand… Again, read the link on the other thread.

Please start that log. It will help in the long run and you have quite a bit of questions that just sound like pure inexperience. Sometimes, you have to jump in the water. Not ask everyone how it is.

I posted under another log I started with this account, under bodybuilding.

[quote]tuttle wrote:
Also do you need to take Spike even on days when you are not working out? I think the site suggests that, but I am inclined to only take stimulants before working out.[/quote]
I don’t remember seeing the recommendation to specifically take it when you’re not training. But it’s a potent energy formula. Some guys take it before training, some take it instead of morning coffee at their office, somebody might even have been known to take one Spike tab before going to church in expectation of a drawn-out sermon (ahem).

So, yeah, take it whenever you feel it’s appropriate. Just taking it before training is a solid and common approach.

Taking a fat burner and eating more would be counterproductive. Like JFG said, I (and many others) noticed a significantly reduced appetite from Hot-Rox, so trying to eat more would’ve been an even bigger pain.

Some guys may use low-dose fat burners in the off-season as a kind of “damage control” when pushing up their calories, but again, it’s really just counterproductive.

It is. Lots of people have been happy with their results over the years. If I remember correctly, Hot-Rox is one of the longest-running supplements that Biotest makes. The formula’s been tweaked here and there, but it’s been around for a long time. Though, I forget if I mentioned this to you before, but check with your federation because a few bodybuilding feds have yohimbine (an ingredient in Hot-Rox) on their banned substance list.

I checked, it’s not banned, nothing from you guys is that I have checked, although I have not checked about any thing hormone related. In any case I’m 27 so I don’t think I would need that anyways.

Spike (pill form) says to take it before physical activity. How long before it for best results?

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