Spicymchaggus V Diet Log

Started yesterday on 03.16.2014

I took my before pics and will upload soon. The wife has agreed to help with measurements and is very supportive.

I’ve been lifting on and off for years but I wouldn’t say I’ve ever been past beginner/intermediate. Tons of knowledge, barely any diet willpower so I’m commiting to this as a reset button then going from there.

The wife and I brought home triplets a few months ago, and going into that I knew schedule was going to be rediculous and meal planning was going to be a challenge so I went with a buling mindset, and I certainly did.

I did manage to add at least some muscle but the fat got out of hand.

Anyways, here goes.

Day 2

So far all positive. No headache or nasuea or uncontrollable food cravings from a cold turkey shift into a low cal liquid diet. Even the HOT-ROX (taking 1/day) isn’t causing any side effects. I find myself looking forward to the final shake of the day when I get to add 2(ish) tbsp of natural almond butter.

The protein itself, so far this is the best tasting and smoothest mixing powder I’ve taken. In retrospect, I would have done less chocolate, no vanilla, and double-down on strawberry and banana cream.

229 lbs this morning (Monday). I was 234 Saturday night and I tend to fluctuate 2-3 lbs in a day so I wouldn’t claim 5 lbs of fat loss by any stretch.

Will hit the gym tomorrow. I wanted to hold off on that to see if I needed to adjust to the diet, plus I jacked up my wrist this weekend but it feels like it’ll be ready to roll tomorrow.

I actually wanted to do my measurements day 2 or 3 to get those in after any water-weight drop.

Will post AM weights for tracking on the log, I usually weigh AM/PM and use the average for charting progress.

2014.03.16 - 231.8 lbs
2014.03.17 - 229.0 lbs / (2.8)T / (2.8)D

Good luck. Just pushing through day nine now.

[quote]Gator365 wrote:
Good luck. Just pushing through day nine now.[/quote]

Thanks Gator,

I was actually just reading your log. Good luck to you too!

How do you measure shoulders?

Keep at it spicy. I am following.

2014.03.16 - 231.8 lbs
2014.03.17 - 229.0 lbs / (2.8)T / (2.8)D
2014.03.18 - 228.8 lbs / (3.0)T / (0.2)D

Wake up, HOT-ROX at 5:00AM. Feed babies. Belch fruity HOT-ROX goodness. Blend 2 scoops Vanilla + 1 scoop Chocolate, Superfood and Flax, strike Hulk Hogan pose, watch Sportcenter waiting for carpool.

I use the Maciek Drajek(sp) Sleep Cycle App on my iphone. According to that I spent a higher percentage of my night ranging fro sleep to deep sleep, and less time waking up. So, looks like sleep quality has improved on the second night, and I’m not feeling groggy this morning.

Still need to do my measurements, but the triplets wouldn’t go down easy last night so measuring got pushed off the priority list.

Workout today, I’m sticking with modified version of the mass-gaining plan from the Four Hour Body because it works well with my schedule and I’ve responded well to in in the past.

Yates Row (75# @ 5x5 tempo) 7 reps + 5 Second Hold.
Shoulder Press (75# @ 5x5 tempo) 5 reps, fail. rest, 2 reps +5 Sec Hold
Single Arm barbell raise (45#, no tempo restriction) 10R, 10L, 3R, 4L (failure)

Not gonna lie, Surge Recovery is not the tastiest thing I’ve put in my mouth.

Had some black coffee at 3:30PM. This was very neccessary to be able to finish the conversation I was drawn into.

I’ve really been craving salt today…

2014.03.16 - 231.8 lbs
2014.03.17 - 229.0 lbs / (2.8)T / (2.8)D
2014.03.18 - 228.8 lbs / (3.0)T / (0.2)D
2014.03.19 - 226.8 lbs / (5.0)T / (2.0)D

Up again at 5, HOT-ROX and water then feed babies and get ready for work. Less sleep than usual last night but not super tired this morning. Not sure if that’s the HOT-ROX kicking in by the time I think about whether or not I’m tired. Meal 1 at 6AM because I’m supposed too, not because I’m actually feeling hunger right now.

Still haven’t done measurements, but I did scroll through the “what Chris actually eats” thread and developed a Doomsday (from Superman) level hatred for life. I forwarded that link to a couple friends. The one who can do a rope climb with a 50lb kettlebell strapped to his waist thought it was gold, no one else responded.

Also, I weighed 227 immediately after waking up, but apparently took a .2lb deuce.

08:15 - I’ve had the hiccups for about two hours now with no sign of slowing. I’m thinking it’s time to give the HOT-ROX a rest, then bring it back in to see if that being a stimulant is triggering this.

Kettlebells swings today.

Using the home made “ghettobell”.

Works great for swings, not so much for traditional kettlebell lifts where the weight has to rotate around the wrist. Props to Tim Ferris for this one.

Edit: 5 sets of 20 @ 25#
hiccups stopped after 6.5 hours.

Ate meal three, hiccups are back.

NOT COOL MAN. If I belch though, it tastes like a dead fish so I’m wondering if the Flameout is the culprit(?)

3:00PM - aforementioned supportive wife suggested it may be more of a problem of HOW FAST I drink the shake as opposed to what’s in it. So I’ll try not to hork’em down, and sip daintily, pinky out of course.

quick update, hiccups became a major problem, followed the suggestions here and blamo, no longer ready to kill someone.

2014.03.16 - 231.8 lbs
2014.03.17 - 229.0 lbs / (2.8)T / (2.8)D
2014.03.18 - 228.8 lbs / (3.0)T / (0.2)D
2014.03.19 - 226.8 lbs / (5.0)T / (2.0)D
2015.03.20 - 227.6 lbs / (4.2)T / 0.8 D

the bump in weight might be due to how much water I drank this morning to stop the hiccups.

they came back at 11PM last night, 3AM this morning and again at 5AM. they’re stronger and more painful, I’ve got a constant burning pain now too. The breath/water method seems to work after the hiccups have gone on for about 20 mins.

Hiccups continue to return. I went and saw a doctor about them today. They tapered off while I was in the office, she prescribed me something to help. I took it, then drank and shake and 20 mins later the hiccups are back and the pain goes from the center of my chest out to each shoulder, my neck and down to my abdomen.

I was really looking forward to doing this diet and it was working but I may have just flushed $500.

those hiccups sound brutal. i was having serious abdominal pain from the shakes myself and had to cut the v-diet short back in February. i moved on to the MAG-10 pulse feast plan and had great results with it. the MAG-10 is much easier on the stomach. it would be interesting (though expensive) to see if that also gives you hiccups. Also, you can return the supplements but its somewhat of a hassle to ship them back and all that.

if i were in your position i would take a day to eat three healthy meals, aim for about 1800 calories, mostly protein, then i would try to get back on the diet. or even do the “velocity lite” which is shakes all day and a healthy meal at night. maybe getting some food in the system will help with the hiccups.

thanks Greg.

I think at this point I need to apply the discipline and knowledge I have. I was looking at the V Diet as a rest button of sorts, and was hoping to lose 20lbs.

Last Saturday I was 234, yesterday 226.2 as a low for the day. So the diet worked, I just need to transition from a Vdiet to a MeDiet. 227.6 this morning, post breakfast (eggs, sausages).

Long term goal is the 190s.

I like the Ghettobell! Sometimes all you need are heavy swings.

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