Spanky's V-Log

HOLY CRAP. I knew this was going to be hard. But not THIS hard. I was walking around the city and all I smelled was food. I must be turning into a shark…I can smell this stuff from a mile away. My friends are eating fried chicken and burritos in front of me. It’s bloody murder. The only thing keeping me disciplined is the fact that I’m gonna look MUCH better than them in 4 weeks. I’m 3 days in…

Starting weight-184
Current weight- 181.8

I know I’m weighing too early but I just want to check on progress. Unbelievable…

Anyways, how do you guys bring your meals when you’re out? Different shakers? Bags of mixed powder?

I just grab my shaker, with water already in it, and I have a jar of protein powder riding shotgun in my truck.

As for the smell of food, it still gets to me but I can withstand it a lot better. Although, a couple of days ago my mouth was watering all day. All I could think about was when I lived in Texas and I could walk outside and stop the tamale cart, or walk a block to the carniceria. I miss having so much (good) Mexican food within easy reach. But, right now it is probably better that it is several states away.

Does anyone know why you get nauseous after workouts? I used to never feel like puking my guts up. But lately it’s been happening after EVERY workout. I follow the V diet and leave 2hrs between meal and workout…but nothing works. I puke up the same shake I drank 2hrs prior.

I know what you mean about the smell, I feel like I can smell food that I couldn’t smell before unless I had right under my nose. My mouth waters for everything. Stay strong and get cocky.

Don’t know what to tell you about your puking issue. Use less water? or maybe more water? Might just take time to get normal. I haven’t experienced it at all.

I know it may seem counter-intuitive to some people but maybe you should try working out sooner after drinking your previous shake, that is, you may be waiting too long to workout after your last shake. By waiting less time your body has more recently ingested nutrients to feed your workout. Think of it like this, you’re currently drinking a shake, waiting 2 hours then working out which is taking probably around an hour. Then that’s 3 hours and its time for your next shake. Except on workout days it doesn’t have to work like that because you should be drinking your Surge right after working out.

So my advice is to drink your pre-workout shake, wait an hour, workout, drink your Surge immediately post work-out, then wait an hour and drink your next shake. Its still a 3 hour interval between shakes, and this way you may not get sick. Remember, Surge doesn’t replace one of your other shakes, you just drink it in addition to your regular shakes on lifting days.

Jdubs, I’ll try that tomorrow. If Im still puking after the workout then I’ll switch to Surge prior and Meal 2 post.

Rage…I think I became a shark. I can smell food from miles away.

Ive asked dozens of people ranging from personal trainers to college professors about the puking issue. No one has a scientific reason for it. If anyone here can give me a plausible explanation, other than the “potential” ones from google, I’d really appreciate it.

Can we get an update from you… it’s been a while since you posted. Don’t tell me you fell off the boat already…

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