Spacing of Meals


how many hours seperation between meals. Plus, should I drink the Surge recovery right after or during the work out…and how does this effect my hour separation…

for example - non-workout day
breakfast @ 830
meal 2 @ 1130
lunch @ 230
dinner @ 530
bedtime meal @ 830



Just space meals evenly. The main thing is, you don’t want to end the day with two shakes to go, and you don’t to end the day starved because your last shake was 3 hours before. You’ll get the hang of spacing with a day or two or practice.

As for Surge Recovery, it’s designed to be slammed right after the weight lifting workouts; however, many people like to sip theirs during then drink the rest right after lifting. That’s perfectly fine.


Thanks for the quick reply. I had a followup question. Does the Surge recovery replace a shake meal and also should it (Surge) be used on circuit days as well?

Today is day 3. So far so good…dont see much of a differenc in my stomach bulge that much.

  1. No. On lifting days, you add the Surge to the shake plan.

  2. No Surge on V-Burn day.