Something Really Neat

I got to talk to Tim Patterson today.
Yes, and JRod too (shout out to you dude).

I know this isn’t a Biotest supplement question, but I didn’t know what forum to put this in. But my conversation compelled me to state the following:

Mr. Patterson is a very dedicated guy to all our common passion of gaining muscle. He always dreamed of doing exactly what he is doing: being a part of unraveling the mystery of building muscle and helping us to apply what he and his company learns to help the rest of us reach our goals. He is living his dream, and I am completely jealous of him.

Mr. Patterson is very knowledgeable about the science of the products that his company produces. Our conversation delved into some product details and protocol discussions that clearly revealed a mastery of the studies and experiences used to develop his products.

Mr. Patterson is not the best businessman (sorry dude), as he lets his passion for knowledge and helping others blind him from entertaining some business possibilities that would probably allow him to retire even earlier than he would want to. But this is our gain as he seems very naturally generous and good willed. He doesn’t want to just mass produce a low quality or watered down or ill-studied product; he really does want to produce what he construes as the best out there…the cadillac of supplements. Things that have a high probability of working.

I have never met Mr. Patterson, nor has he met me. But I am amazed that he reached out and spoke to me. Amazed, and very honored. I wouldn’t be a level 100 if I truly didn’t believe in Biotest products obviously, but this gesture just proved to me what a class company Biotest is.

Dude that is so awesome!!! THanks for sharing .

Buffd, that is really cool!! i wondered what the level 100 was. Years ago they had an article & picture of Tim on the site.
He actually works out too. It seems the whole staff there actually does.

You can tell Tim & Biotest do truly care about their clients & the products they put out.
I only use Biotest products now. I recommend them to everyone, but the price often drives people who don’t know away.
They want cheap products to deliver high quality results. Simply not going to happen. Biotest delivers the best products out there bar none.

I miss the times when he was more active on the forums. He used to be the main guy in all the product launches, very informative. I imagine as T-Nation has grown he has gotten orders of magnitude busier, but its nice to know he’s still as active as ever behind the scenes.

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