Some Encouragement for V-Dieters

I’m a long time lurker of this forum, don’t really post much, and have been reading T-Nation for over 7 years. I’m not really much of a forum contributor, as I usually find what I need through reading the posts of others or searching. But the other night I posted this to Chris Shugart just as my own token of appreciation, and I am now encouraged to share with you guys hoping it motivates you a little.

Here’s a little bit of encouragement for you V-Dieters to stick it through or start it off positively. I first did it last December, once again in March, and have been living a healthy lifestyle since. For a bit of background, I started off like 260-ish pounds, and I am now 190. And ONLY Biotest supplements, and followed Mr. Shugart’s instructions to a T.

The pictures I’ve included are just a regular front photo unflexed, and a simple flexed photo accompanying it. They are dated as such, the first one is before I started my first V-Diet in December 2007, second one is after successfully completing my diet (with transition weeks included, about 24lbs lost). Third picture is post-2nd V-diet, which I lost about 18lbs altogether. I didn’t take progress photos since then. Last picture is one this morning I took just for the hell of it, and I’m at 190. Doesn’t look as dramatic, but I sure as hell feel different and can do a bunch of stuff I couldn’t before I’ll tell you that.

For a bit of background, I quit smoking cigarettes after my first V-Diet (which I smoked a pack a day while on it) cold turkey and haven’t even looked back since. I graduated my last few terms of college with a 3.8gpa average because after a V-Diet, doing homework and studying isn’t that difficult to follow and stick to anymore. Now, I’m looking towards a pretty bright future which I’ve posted elsewhere.

Anyway, there’s a lot more to my journey in the past 8 months than that. But here’s the gist of it, and hope you guys the best and change your life the way I did.

Direct links to pics:

Hey Wilson, Great job! And thanks for adding to the forum. I was a long-time lurker, too, until I started the V-Diet. I’ve found that posting here often keeps me accountable. I know how often I looked at everyone else’s progress, and how inspiring that was for me. You’re success is a major inspiration to me–and countless others! Well done!

Amazing progress!

And for those reading this, keep in mind that these results are “typical”… meaning that if you do the diet correctly and work hard, a transformation like this is what you can expect.

Little blog about that here:

Again, nice work, Wilson1911!

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