Softball as NEPA? Had an... Experience Tonight


I play softball every Wednesday and I planned on using that as my NEPA for that night. I played tonight and well… it wasn’t what I expected. I started the diet 3 days ago, so I’m hoping it’s just some sort of body adjustment, but I swear to you I was winded like never before. I usually can go all game with no issue, but by the end of the game my chest felt like it was going to burst. It wasn’t heart related, it was like I couldn’t get enough breath. I had to sit the last inning out from the field.

Is this natural? Will it go away? I’ve already invested in the season, so quitting the league isn’t a big option at this point. Any advice? It’s not like it’s a hugely intense physical activity (except running the bases).

Yes, it sometimes takes a few days to adjust to the diet, especially if your diet was very different previously (high carb etc.) Though I’ve never heard of a breathing issue before. Now, if you mean rapid heart beat, then take a look at any additional stimulant intake. Remember, HOT-ROX already contains stimulants so be sure not to chug a Red Bull or anything while taking it. (But I’m just guessing here.)

In the end, nothing improves athletic performance more than fat loss. Even 10 pounds of nonfunctional tissue (fat) can have a “performance enhancing drug” like effect. So stick with it and you’ll likely adjust in a day or two.

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