Sodium & Potassium Consumption


Daily sodium consumption is gratifyingly low, but potassium seems (based on label info) really, really low. Is there more potassium than meets the eye and/or should I add some… via salt substitutes for example?


You can add if you feel the need to. Most people don’t need any extra.


Chris–Thanks for rapid response and for all your hard work on the forum.


Chris-- Just discovered…from reading some of your entries …that Level 0 means no purchases from Biotest. I did in fact purchase (and am using) the V-Diet package. If necessary I’ll be happy to provide you with order info if you’ll tell me how . I realize this forum may not be the place to bring this up so if you want to communicate via e-mail just trash this message. Thanks.


No worries. Those levels take a while to update sometimes, and with the V-Diet, sometimes a spouse makes the purchase.