So... What's Next?


I realize I’m less than a full week in, but I’m starting to consider what comes next… especially if I continue the pulse fasts and halve the V-Diet accordingly, I’ll need to know sooner than later what I’m going to do.

My question is mainly a tactical one… i’ve recently received Precision Nutrition, so I’m reading/studying up on that, and I also really like Chris’s 100 Carb Cure philosophy/strategy–definitely going to follow that advice, being an FFB and all.

My question, though, is more one of… how much should I up my calorie intake by, ballpark, once the V-Diet is done? And how much should I plan to work out in order to continue with my fat loss?

Does anyone have any suggestions on great (or even good) follow-up programs once the V-Diet is over?

Thanks in advance.


I’m just going to throw this out there: Instead of obsessive calorie-counting, strive instead to eat only clean foods.

Lifelong calorie-counting is mainly for those who never learn about REAL healthy foods. Know why most dietitians love calorie counting? Because most of the foods they tell you to eat suck. They’re pretend health foods that wreck your body, and must be portion-controlled obsessively. Choose the right kind of foods, real healthy stuff, and you don’t have to count calories because you’ll auto-regulate.

You’ll very doubtfully have overeating issues when your stomach is full, your blood sugar and hormone levels are stable and optimal, and the foods you eat are delicious. Sure, food logs are great at first; you’ll learn a lot. But they are limited, temporary tools.

Just keep all that in mind. The V-Life isn’t about being on a “diet” forever. It’s more about reading that ingredient list than the calories listed on the label.

General training program advice: Do what you enjoy and do what stimulates you. The “best” training program isn’t going to work for you if you’re not excited about it. Joe DeFranco and I discussed this for an hour last week. You’ve got to believe in it and be excited by it.

Just some big-picture stuff to keep in mind.


Wow. Great stuff to keep in perspective, Chris. Thanks for helping to set me straight. I’m hoping more than anything that the determination, focus and discipline it takes to stick with something like the V-Diet for the full duration kick starts my own self confidence, which was sort of shaken after I let myself backslide all from Halloween until, basically, last week when I put my foot down and got ahold of myself. I guess that’s why I still tend to gravitate more toward the obsessive tendencies (calorie counting, workout strategy etc) because that’s what I was doing intensely before “the fail” … Maybe i should take a step back and consider that maybe that was actually kind of part of why the fail happened.


For training, if you want to continue in fat loss mode I’d suggest Chad Waterbury’s Body of Fire. It includes a nutrition guide as well that’s pretty v-life compatible. Instead of calories or macros it just gives you building blocks and tells you how man to add to certain meals. I loved it to me it seemed like a V-Diet but with food, simple healthy meals all the time and if you stick to it it seemed to have the same food rehab effect of the VD for me anyways.


I actually did Body of F.I.R.E. with great success from mid-july to about mid-september, and then my schedule other extenuating circumstances made me dial back on the workout portion. I kept eating to the diet for a while and dialed back “workouts” to walking, jogging and morning swims and continued to make moderate progress… then things went off the rails right before Halloween. After my first V-Burn Challenge this morning, I kind of got pangs of missing Body of F.I.R.E. program… so it’s funny you mention it. I was thinking of going back to it. Or going back to parts of it while mixing in parts of Chad’s Get Lean portion of Huge in a Hurry.


Oh nice, yeah I love Waterbury stuff, I have Huge in a Hurry as well. I like that in his lean program in that book he adds loading weeks where you really up the weight and scale back on the cardio to maintain strength. I"m going to add those if I do BOF again


That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking when I mentioned adding elements from that program into BOF. Great minds, etc. Either that or we’re both batshit nuts, eh? :wink: We should compare notes when we do this.


I’d say we’re a little of both :slight_smile: