So, Two Weeks In


Weight this week dropped very little: down to 231.8, so only about a pound over the week.
I’m not two surprised, sadly. This last week I was on the road for work, and I had two days of barely 30 minute walks and one day with no NEPA at all (but plenty of time stuck in L.A. commute traffic). :frowning:
But, both to my eyes and 2 friends’, I can definitely see some good differences in the mirror. I have measurements also, from day 1 to now, and I have lost a few centimeters from my neck, my waist, tightened up a little on my arms.

Got through week two much, much faster: 35 minutes this time. My balance is not the best after all the weight I have lost, and so I am having trouble with the single-leg deadlift. I have to do it so, so slowly (so slowly that I look like a very ugly ballerina on his first day) that I am not sure how much exercise/cardio benefit I am getting out of the motion. Any thoughts?

All in all, it is going well. I’m really loving this diet, and being able to see the results makes me even more dedicated.