So Hungry, Brain Fog, Tired - Day 5

Basically the title…

So Hungry, Brain Fog, Tired - Day 5…

What can I do about all of this?

On a positive note I did a body scan at the gym today and I’ve gain muslce since day one and lost 2kg of fat equating to 1.1% drop on the BF%.


Man, without knowing your daily activity, when you’re taking your shakes, and a little more background about your previous nutrition and daily caloric intake, it’s going to be really hard to give advice on what you can do about any of it.

What’s your height/weight?

How old are you?

What were you eating like before V-Diet?

In general, you’re going to be hungry - you’re on a caloric deficit diet - man up and push through

On the brain fog, do you normally drink coffee? If not, try a cup in the morning; if so, try 2.

On being tired, I would say go for more NEAP walks. Even getting up and doing a 10 minute brisk walk around the block or the office building will help get the blood going and help you stave off the lethargy.

Great job so far; don’t give up on yourself now. It’ll get easier as your body adjusts.

What have your daily HSMs looked like?

Hungry: Dude, you’re in a calorie deficit diet. Hunger is par for the course. Coffee or tea can help. Some people have broken up the standard two-scoop shakes into one-scooper’s spaced closer together. Not ideal, but it’s an option.

Brain fog: Common symptom of going low carb. Your body adapts after a while, but between the daily HSM and the workout nutrition most days, you’re not really super-low carb.

Tired: Tons of possible causes. Again, could be low carbs. Could be rough sleep during the night. Could be your body not liking the low calories. Could be something as simple as fighting a cold or flu. Again, coffee can help but it’s a band-aid, not a solution. Mac’s suggestion of some NEPA is a better approach.

Thanks you two for replying!

I guess you are both right. I can drop states but you covered it all in the end. I’ll add in some more coffee and go for 10 min breaks form my work (sitting down based on the laptop) so I get my body moving some more.

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