So Far


i actually find this easier to stick to than just trying to eat right because its not like you can just slip up by choosing say white bread instead of whole wheat (not a great example but i think you get what i mean), a slip up is the difference between not eating and eating anything which is pretty easy to differentiate in my mind lol

im on day 4 and ive lost 4 pounds which is pretty good considering im drinking 2 gallons of water a day so ive probably put on some water weight

cant see a visual difference yet but i know itll come if i stick to it

havin my first hsm tomorrow night, im definitely looking forward to it but im not as excited and anxious as i thought i would be, guess my mind set is already changing lol


oh and i definitely underestimated the intensity of the workouts…almsot threw up my lunch today (ha, funny cuz i didnt actually hav lunch, get it?) so must mean im doin it right lol