Snydiesel's Game Time V-Diet Log

I am ready to kill it. Bottom line. I have stubborn body fat and I want nothing more than to get rid of it as quickly as possible and move on with my training…enter the V-Diet. My supps came in today so game time is tomorrow morning.

A brief training and diet history:
I started weight training last summer. I played around with BB splits for a couple of months while eating very “clean”. I really did not grasp the calories in/calories out concept (or the value of compound lifts and proper conditioning) and wound up cutting myself short on my caloric intake while putting too big of an emphasis on bullshit supplements (thanks…). About six months ago after a lot of reading, learning the hard way and self educating I decided that I have been doing it ALL wrong.

5/3/1 and the Anabolic Diet came to the rescue. I made good strength and size gains but at the end of the day the same fat that has been stuck on my body since I was a teenager covered up any gains I was making.

I feel like America has not gotten it yet. They have not gotten that fat loss should not be an every day of the year endeavor. This is probably because weight loss is a huge industry and the longer people are trying to lose weight…the more money the American public will be spending to lose that weight. I have finally realized that weight can be lost quickly and efficiently…and then kept off with proper training and conditioning.

I am going to follow the VDiet by the book. All Biotest supplements, the workout program, the NEPA…all of it. If you are doing the VDiet and ignoring a component of the program as it is written…then you are not doing the VDiet. If you google Velocity Diet right now you will find hundreds of people discrediting the VDiet. But if you read a little into their claims almost all of them talk about changing the program a bit. It’s obnoxious.

I am excited to get this diet rolling and keeping everyone updated.




Day one is almost over…not too bad. Picked up a little blender for work, two big bags of ice and a couple of flavor extracts so I can keep mixing up my shake flavors. My dinner shake was with peppermint extract and chocolate Metabolic Drive…mint chocolate chip. The HOT-ROX may take a bit of getting used to.

Dan John said it best “I did it for my dog”…my dog is loving all of this NEPA. Day one was good, I think these next couple of weeks are gonna fly.

Weighed in at 210 this morning.

Day two done.

Blenders: you get what you pay for. On duty on base today and was relying on my new little blender…big mistake. Thing sucks and smells like burning plastic but I made it through.

V Burn: Shugart you are a sadist. As awesome as it was challenging. Looking forward to making progress with it.

Maple Extract: One and done. I will pass on the maple flavor from now on.

Flameout: Don’t eat on an empty stomach unless you are down with krill burps.

The way I reacted to food on TV and the smell of fried treats in the galley today helped me put my cravings in perspective. It is all a mental game I play on myself.

I am getting nourishment and fuel and my stomach is full however my brain wants me to cram goods in my face. This is the same self destructive game that my brain has played for years that has stopped me from getting lean. Game is over, Brain!

Day five: I feel like I am getting into a pretty good stride . Realizing the importance of adequate water intake, especially after drinking the shakes with the flax. Definitely looking forward to the first hsm, not sure what I am making for it other than sweet potato fries.

Today is HSM #1. The menu is steak marinated with herbs, olive oil and lime. portobello marinated with olive oil, srirachi (inspiration from eightprops’ log) and some spices. Grilled sweet potato fries brushed with olive oil and basil. And a boston lettuce and escarole salad. Food porn to follow.

Nice work so far man!

After reading about your HSM I think when mine comes around I want to try those grilled sweet potato wedges, they sound fantastic!

As promised, food porn from my HSM last night. Grilled sweet potatos, grilled marinated portobellos, salad (not shown) and steak. The grilled sweet potatos were perfect, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I marinated the portobellos in olive oil, grill seasoning and srirachi and they could not have come out better, not too spicy just right. The steak was awesome, only had half and my girlfriend got to enjoy the rest for lunch today.

My mouth was really sensitive to heat it was weird. I could not enjoy the food that much at first and I didn’t know why. As it cooled down I could really taste all of the different flavors. I got full much quicker than usual, HSM number one was a great success.

This guy is feeling good. I didn’t think you could feel good when all you are subsisting on is liquid shakes but alas! It can be done. I don’t update this thing as much as most of my current V-dieting peers (yes mccabe I am talking about you and your flawless vdiet log) so I will take this time (at work) to do a little update.

The first week was rough, bottom line. Think about it, years and years of bad dietary habits are being confronted in the most harsh manner all at once without mercy…of course it is going to suck. Commercials, TV shows, radio ads, restaraunts…they all attack you at once. A commercial that you would never pay attention to is suddenly an awe inspiring event. Watching Food Network on the first week of the Vdiet was like watching the spice channel on my Dad’s illegal black box cable when I was 10.

I gritted through it and was reqarded with my first HSM…and relief from my cravings. After my first HSM things started to get easier. The shakes are satisfying and are even beginning to redefine the way I look at food…it is fuel. The HSM was a humbling experience on several levels. For one, I couldn’t eat it very fast because my mouth was super sensitive to heat. Two, I grilled a steak that I could normally house in ten minutes…instead I was full and satisfied after eating only half of it. I enjoyed every bite and was happy to move on with my life after it was over.

I am leaning out and feeling good. I am killing it in the gym. Weights are going up and progress is evident. Ah yes…the V-Burn. I am a bit ashamed to say that my first V-Burn took me two sessions to complete. I could not push another rep after my third set but I refused to not complete the whole challenge so I took an hour off and then came back and completed it. So it is safe to say my first vburn took a really long time. Saturday was my second shot at the challenge and let me say that I was very pleased. The whole thing done in 31 minutes. I was stoked at my time improvement and will be shooting to furhter improve upon it in the upcoming weeks.

That is all for now, thank you for reading my log and stay tuned for some more food action from my next HSM. I am thinking some wild salmon, a couple of local caught scallops (I live in Maine, it has to be done), grilled asparagus and a big salad.

Nice follow up man, and good time on the second challenge! KEep it up.

I don’t really notice the V-Diet anymore. It has just become part of my routine. I am doing something with work all day and wont be home until tomorrow afternoon and proper preparation has made this very easy. Every shake is pre packaged and ready to roll.

HSM 2 is tomorrow. I have done some reading and after seeing some things Chris wrote recently I will be laying back on the starch for this and the rest of my HSMs and putting more emphasis on the tasty veggies. I feel like I know some of the vdieters that started around the same time as me. It is good encouragment to see guys like Alex Mccabe and IPB still rockin on this thing with me. I will check back in tomorrow with tasty food pron.

Grilled chicken marinated with lime, olive oil, fresh garlic and hot peppers. Green beans sauted with toasted almond meal. Couple of mushrooms thrown on the grill. And huge salad courtesy of my girl. HSM #3 was a great success.


Big update time. Day 25 is nearly done and I must say, I feel awesome. I have realized over the past several weeks my expectations and goals for the vdiet have changed a bit. When I started this weight loss was my primary objective. I had it in my head that I would be pretty upset if I did not lose a substantial amount of weight. As the weeks have gone by I have not payed much attention to the scale. Don’t get me wrong, I have closely monitored my progress in the mirror. But instead of using the mirror and scale as my only measurements of progress, I have turned to my internal transformation as my biggest victory. I view food in a very different way than I did 3 (almost 4!) weeks ago. Food is fuel, not an escape, not a time killer…it is fuel.

I have taken full advantage of my time on the vdiet in several ways. I have started growing herbs in my office and hot peppers in my kitchen. I have made arrangements with a farm that raises grass fed cows to deliver grass fed meat and dairy to the local farmers market. I used whitening strips (totaly not nutrition related but think about it…what better time to get some extra shine on them pearly whites then when you are not eating any solid food for a week at a time?). And most importantly, I have taken the time to create a war strategy for my nutrition.

On to my progress. As of last weekend my scale weight has gone from 210 down to 196. The vburn has been one of my greatest triumphs over the last several weeks. I started the vdiet on a Friday so I have already done 4 vburns (and no, the scheduling difference had no negative effects on my experience).
V Burn Times:
#1. Two 45 minute sessions
#2. 32 minutes
#3. 27 minutes
#4. 25 minutes

I am excited for pictures, measurements and normal life (well, not so normal according to today’s standards). One note…has anyone run out of supps early? I must have been going a touch heavy on the superfood because I am going to be a scoop or two short. Is it assumed that you have to buy more supps for the transition?

Been following you since Day 1 and am impressed. Cant wait to see all the pics and measurements. Seems like you’ve been doing very well and should have outstanding results. The Supps: Yeah Superfood ran out for me a little early but I ordered two more about a week ago when I realized this. I more than likely was packing it in the scoop a little to hard…or something of that nature. For the transition you will need to order more accordingly. With how much I’ll use the stuff I might just order another bout of it but we’ll see. Looking forward to the pics, keep up the good work!

Hey all, sorry for not updating this sooner. I am on day 5 of the transition and things are going awesome. My final weight was 195 for a total of 15 pounds lost in 28 days! I will put pics up soon.

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