Snoose vs the V-Diet

In early 2009 I successfully went through Mike Roussell and Alwyn Cosgrove’s ‘Warp Speed Fat Loss’ program. I sat at around 35in waist and 84kg (185lbs). I wasn’t ripped by any means, but I was comfortable in my own skin again.

Then, I started powerlifting. As my strength went up, so did my weight and my waistline. I peaked at my second competition in January, where I only just scraped into the 100kg (220lb) class, with a waistline of over 41in. Since then I have been slowly cutting back down, and did another competition on May 9th at 96.2kg (211lbs ish) and waist of around 38in.

I may have been content to continue this slow cut down, but something has required me to get more drastic: my wedding! I am getting married on 24th July, 4 weeks from Saturday. I have bought a suit, and it fits me, but it’s rather more tight than I would like.

I also look fatter and feel unhealthier than I want to. So, until the wedding I’ll be tackling the V-Diet and then the first week of the transformation. Powerlifting is on hiatus until later in the year. My best lifts in the 100kg class are 192.5kg (423lb) squat, 115kg (250lb) bench and 212.5kg (468lb) deadlift (all unequipped).

One extra driver for this diet is that I would like to get well into the 90kg bracket and possibly be within shooting distance of the 82.5 class. If I can do that and not lose too much absolute strength then I will be in a great position to have a go at the national qualifying total later in the year.

I started yesterday, Monday 21st June.

Starting weight: 96.3kg (212lbs)
Starting waist size: 39in ish
I will post start pics as soon as I have taken them off my camera. I also need to do some other tape measurements but I’ve been run off my feet with wedding stuff and work yesterday and today.

I’ve been training since 2006, so I’m doing the advanced plan.

Day 1 report:
Diet textbook. Pretty hungry between shakes 2 & 4, not hungry at all in the evening. Walked 30 mins to & from work (probably something like 70-80 mins total in the day) as NEPA.

Day 1 training:
Heavy load, 20 reps per exercise, 30 secs rest between sets
Bent over row (from floor): 75kg 5, 5, 5, 5 (4 sets)
Dips: BWT 5, 5, 5, 3, 2 (5 sets)
Overhead squat: 40kg 5, 5, 5, 3, 2 (5 sets)
Ab-wheel rollout: On knees 10, 10

Notes: haven’t done dips in a while and I’ve had some powerlifting-related elbow problems, so I went easy on the load. I will add a bit of resistance next week. Overhead squats were challenging, but mostly from a balance/support point of view. I can back squat over 400lbs unequipped so I didn’t really feel much of a challenge in my legs. The ab-wheel rollouts were too easy. I think I will need to try these on my feet next week.

Day 2 so far (currently 2 shakes down):
Sugar free gum is helping with psychological hunger pangs. Stomach is a little jippy, so hopefully that will settle in a day or so. This is the hardest diet I’ve done because I’m struggling with the thought of “no food at all” (except the HSMs). But I also like the clear, no-bullshit aspect - I know exactly what I can and can’t eat, and there’s no iffy grey area.

Day 2 is in the books once I have gone to have my last shake in a minute. As yesterday, I walked approx 70 mins in total to & from work.

Before pic front

Before pic side

Before pic back

These are not pretty! I need to remember to look at them whenever I am struggling with this diet. They are all the motivation I need.

Day 2 here as well. Going well so far, I like the structure too.

Congrats on the success with your training! I’m sure your discipline will serve you well on the V-Diet.

Much success.

Thanks man.

I took some additional measurements this morning.

Hips (around widest part of bum): 43in
Chest (around nipples): 42.75in
Left bicep (flexed): 15.25in
Right bicep (flexed): 15.5in

Day 3

7.30pm here in the UK, and I’ve 2 shakes to go. I’m feeling good and in the swing of it now. The food cravings are starting to slide away a bit, thankfully, and I can better envisage keeping this up for 4 weeks. I did about 45 mins of walking today as my NEPA.

Day 3 training:
Medium load, 40 reps per exercise, 45 secs rest between sets
Lat pulldown: 55kg 10, 7 50kg 8, 6, 5, 4 (6 sets)
Incline DB bench press: 25kg 8, 7, 6, 5, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 1 (10 sets)
Romanian deadlift: 80kg 10, 10, 8, 8, 4 (5 sets)
Barbell curl: 30kg 8, 8, 8, 8, 8 (5 sets)

Overestimated the weight on the lat pulldowns and had to lower it after 2 sets because form was going to shit already.
Incline DB bench press just died after 4 sets and it was a struggle to get through to 40 reps!
I could probably use a bit more weight on the RDLs but 80kg had me absolutely gasping for air and feeling rather nauseous…
Curls I could probably sneak another 2.5kg on next week…

Day 4

Weighed myself this morning - down 2kg (4.4lbs) from day 1. Went to a conference with work that lasted until 1, so I had to wait from 8am til 1pm for my second shake. I have walked for about 60 minutes in total today.

It is hot and very humid here, and I feel quite weak and tired. I didn’t sleep enough last night, which is far from ideal when on a low carb, low calorie diet, training hard and walking a lot in this kind of weather…

Time for shake 4 now! Laters.

Day 5 report

Textbook! Hardly any hunger, was kinda on auto pilot. Had to look at a lot of food at two independent points in the day, but wasn’t even
tempted. In the evening, I had to make 30 sandwiches for my cricket club, and I didn’t have so much as a crumb. I remarked to my fiancée that if I wasn’t on a liquid only diet I may hve rationalised a slice of bread (or three). No dice on the V-Diet though!

NEPA: did 60-70 mins walking

Day 5 training

Heavy load, 25 reps per exercise, 30 secs rest
Front squat 80kg 4x5, 3, 2
Close grip bench press 80kg 2x5, 4, 5x2, 1
Chin-ups BW 2x5, 2x3, 4x2, 1
Push press 40kg 5x5

Congratulations on the weight loss and fighting off the urge to munch on bread!


Day 6

Pretty smooth - played cricket in the afternoon (counting this as my NEPA as it’s so unstrenuous but I was basically walking/jogging for 5 hours). Resisted all the sandwiches and other things I’d prepared for everyone else to eat in the innings interval and stuck to my 5 shakes.

Day 7

Having my HSM today, so official weigh-in time.

Weight: 92.8kg (-3.5) or 204lbs ish (-7lbs)
Waist: 39in (no change)
Hips (biggest part of arse): 42.5in (-0.5in)
Chest (around nipples): 41.75in (-1in)
Arms (flexed): both 15.25in (no change in left, -0.25in in right)

Decent all around I suppose, but I’m very disappointed in the waist. Affecting a big change in my waist size is one of the reasons I went for the V-Diet. I’ve always lost weight around my waist along with big drops in scale weight (e.g. 1/2 inch per week on WSFL), so it’s quite disheartening.

HSM is today. We are going to my parents’ for a belated engagement party (we got engaged in October '08!). I believe it’s going to be a cold buffet affair, and if I know my parents there wil be plenty of cold meat, salmon and salad, so I’ll have my fill of those. In week 2 my HSM will be on Friday, when I’m going out for lunch with my team at work. The last 2 HSMs will be at home or out to dinner with my fiancee only.

Day 7 / HSM went great. I had plenty of cold meats and salad, and some potatoes. For dessert, I had strawberries. I did about 30 mins walking in the day as NEPA.

Day 8 has started out fine. After a tough first few days, I really feel like I am “in the groove” now. I have 103 shakes to go!

Day 8 training

Heavy load, 20 reps per exercise, 25 secs rest between sets
Bent over row (from floor): 80kg 3x5, 3, 2
Dips: BW+2kg 4x5
Overhead squat: 40kg 4x5
Ab-wheel rollout: On knees 3x10

70 mins walking today.

Keep it up, you are doing great. Pretty soon you will be saying 10 shakes to go!

Thanks! I’m now on day 10 and that feels like a big mental hurdle to be in double figures.

I measured myself again today, just to see if there had been any further progress since Sunday. I’m down to 92.7kg (-0.1kg!), and there were no changes in my chest, waist or hip measurements. A big chunk of fat better fall off my waist overnight soon because it’s beginning to mess with my head a bit. Doing an extreme diet without extreme results is not what I am in this for!

Edit: 88 shakes to go

Day 10 training done. I can’t remember how the sets went and I’ve left my log book in the car.

Load 8-9RM
Rest 40 secs
Total reps 40 per exercise

Lat pulldown with 50kg (6 sets total I think)
Incline DB bench press with 22.5kg DBs (7 sets I think)
Romanian deadlift with 90kg (10, 10, 8, 8, 4 I think)
EZ-bar curls with 30kg 5x8

Didn’t get the time to do any NEPA today but did about 90 mins yesterday so I don’t feel too guilty. Will do the usual 70-80 tomorrow.

V-Diet day 12

Solid meal day!! I’m looking forward to a nice steak with some vegetables.

Weight: 92.0kg (-0.8kg since Sunday) / 202.4lb (-1.76 since Sunday)
4.3kg/9.46lb down in 12 days

Waist: A fraction under 38.5in (-0.5in since Sunday)
0.5in off in 12 days

Hips: 42in (-0.5in since Sunday)
1in off in 12 days

Chest: 42in (+0.25in since Sunday)
0.75in off in 12 days - far less confident about my measurement consistency with chest, it has to be said.

Green salad with EVOO
Fillet steak with minted new potatoes, leaks, peas and spinach
Strawberries & cream

Day 13

92.4kg today

Day 12 training:

Heavy load, 25 reps per exercise, 25 secs rest
Back squat 110kg 3x5, 4, 2x3
Close grip bench press 80kg 3x5, 2x3, 2, 2x1
Chin-ups BW 5x3
Overhead press 40kg 5; 45kg 2x5; 3, 3, 4 (last 3 push press)

Day 15

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…

66 shakes to go! I’m past the halfway mark, and it feels like a huge relief. This weekend was the toughest couple of days yet, probably because my mind was unoccupied for a lot of it and I couldn’t stop thinking about cheeseburgers! But I stuck to my guns. I’m finding the tactic of saying “I’ll quit tomorrow, but not today” to be incredibly effective. I think I’ve said that to myself every evening for the last week…

Bodyweight was 92.2kg this morning and 91.7kg yesterday. I’m not worried about the small increase there - Sunday’s weight was after a long lie-in and a morning “evacuation”! I should see sub 91.5 at least by next weekend.

Day 16

91.6kg today. That’s a total of 4.7kg down (10.5lbs ish). I didn’t lift last night as a friend called and said they were one man short for a game of football (soccer), so I went and played that. I’m going to do the missed lifting session tonight instead.

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