Snookerd's V-Diet Log

Well my stuff just arrived, liked literally. I am debating whether to start tomorrow or wait till monday? By the way, I will get you guys mesurements and all that jazz when I can locate a tape measure, but right now I’m 5’11 220. By the way, what is a scoop of Superfood? like a tablespoon? Also how do you guys like those shaker/mixer bottles you get at gnc? I tried to get some pics up but there not loading right somthings up with my camera phone.

height 5’11
weight 220
neck 16"
shoulders 53"
upper chest 46"
lower chest 42"
waist/navel 42"
waist/belt 37"
hips 41"
arm left 15"
arm right 15"
thigh left 23"
thigh right 23"
calf left 15"
calf right 14.75"
ankle left 9"
ankle right 8.75"

pic of Supwise

alright, I’m heading out to get one of those shaker mixers and some natural pnut butter.

Welcome. Good luck. I’ll be following your progress. Don’t forget to put up your fat ass stats.

Crack that baby open. There’s a scoop inside.

Good luck!

I found the scoop! it was in the bottom of the tub, duh! tried a shake out tonight, not bad.

I’m not fat I’m husky :wink:

gyms closed till the 17th for renovation, soooo. nepa till then.
did 45min bike ride this morn.

[quote]Snookerd wrote:
I’m not fat I’m husky ;)[/quote]

We’ll both be former fat boys soon enough. With the gym closed, could you do a vburn?

I guess so, I thought I was supposed to do the 3 workouts then a vburn. but hell why not, I’ll do a v-burn tomorrow and when the gym opens get my ass in there. Just supplement the workout till it opens, pull ups, push ups, lunges, stuff like that.

did another nepa this morning, rode my bike for 30-45 min.

then tried the V-Burn. holy shit! my hamstrings where quivering, rest of it wasn’t to bad considering. but yeah this is a good circuit!

get it done snookerd. Anything is better than nothing. I havent done a V-Burn yet. Did you get a time for youself?

no I didn’t time it, just tried to power through it. if I could guestimate, about an hour or so, I had to take a short brake to get some water and catch my breath. hopefully the gym is open 2moro

just for reference this is what I use to look like when I graduated highschool

and this is me from memorial day, about 220. the highschool pic is about 260-270
my goal is to get rid of my moobs, get in “good” shape and abs would be nice.
I believe that if I get around 190ish, I will be pretty well off. Then I can work on building muscle on a more productive scale, probably switch to that 531 program when finished

yo you’ve made a big change already. By the way, where are you at in Florida? I’m in FL too, on the east coast. Delray Beach.

gym wasn’t open today :frowning:

did bikeride and bodyweight workout, like a V-Burn lite.

I’m on the treasure coast, near jensen beach.

second day of workout dping pretty well. still sore from the vburn.

who designed the original flavor of Surge? ugh

Good luck bro…I am a similar size and build to you and just started today.

thanks and good luck bulldog, I noticed a lot of water weight drop the first couple days of the diet drop. Like an easy 5-6lbs, played racquetball for nepa tonight. Have workout tomorrow. Did not realize how shitty my core was. I did not do really well on those plank holds. loved doing the lat pulldowns and deadlifts

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