SMS Starts


Well today is my first day. I am actually full on the meals so far. Just completed the first workout and well I think I took it a little easy. I will add more weight on Tuesday.

A little history. I am mostly a lurker on here, post very little, cause I really don’t have much to say with merit…I have been in and out of the forums for years, watched the V-Diet as it began and kept saying that I was going to do it…Sat was my daughter’s 1st b-day party at my house kind of used that as a last “event” prior to starting. I have not been working out for the last 9 months due to living conditions and building a new house. Prior to that I was entering in adventure races, running half-marathons, crossfit, and in a boot camp ( my adv. racing partner’s business). So I was in decent shape.

I have always carried a all-terrain tire around my waste but at times it has changed sizes. I am hoping that with this diet it will kick start the change in body composition I need. I am in Texas and will be doing the workouts in my garage with what I have for equipment. It should mostly work, with minimal changes to the exercises. I will post up measurements tomorrow as I have not bought a measuring tape. I did a NEPA walk with my wife and daughter (pulled her wagon around the neighborhood), with the temps being hot and full of humidity I broke a decent sweat…
Here is to getting it done and making some changes…


Congrats man! Keep us in the loop. I’m trying to lose the extra tire and get back into a healthy lifestyle myself so I hear where you’re coming from!


Awesome. If you can handle adventure racing then you can kick the V-Diet’s tail.

Keep us posted!


Yesterday I was FULL on the food. I am hoping that this will not change. We will see. I will check in with measurements later…


My mouth is watering… the wife gets seafood gumbo for dinner and some cornbread…Seafood gumbo is one of my fav’s…It is all good…with all of the rain here in Houston I was tied up with work ( I am in the home building industry) so I did not get a tape measure. I weigh the same today as I did yesterday…200lbs I know that the scale doesn’t mean much…


On Week 1:Monday 200, Tues. 200, Wed 199, Thurs. 194…
No variations for me. In the past my lightest day out of the week has always been Wed. So this AM when I woke up I was pleased that I dropped some lard. I did have to make a change to the workout and use my pull-up bar instead of lat. pull-downs. I did them assisted with a stool reverse grip/close grip. Full extension, good form.

I am paying for it cause my right arm doesn’t want to extend fully without assistance. I am working out in my garage with the doors closed, after work. Here in Houston it was in the lower 90’s with humidity in the +80% range… so it was a sweat box…I had a hard time getting the rest of the shakes down due to feeling full.

The worst thing that I have to do is overcome the smells from cooking.( I cook for the family, the wife would burn rice given the opportunity) I am not craving foods just tastes. For my HSM I am going to make a pizza. For my NEPA today I am going to mow my yard, and the neighbors…


stay motivated… and all i can say is WOW if you can cook and resist this will be EASY


Anyone know if I can ride my bike for a NEPA? I have 3 bikes road, mountian, and BMX…I want to use my road bike for a little 5-8 mile ride for my NEPA stuff…


[quote]texis300 wrote:
Anyone know if I can ride my bike for a NEPA? I have 3 bikes road, mountian, and BMX…I want to use my road bike for a little 5-8 mile ride for my NEPA stuff…[/quote]
I asked Chris this in one of the ask Cris posts and he said it was fine. I’m switching between the MTB and Roadbike myself. I actually sold my ELF XL about 2 years ago.

I think the key is to make sure you keep it moderate, and don’t go to hard in intensity.


Well I found a little gem…I used to race as a Kuwahara rider for Europe/Asia. My original bike was stolen, so I started searching about three years back and found a roller that I am going to build up like my old race bike…I am currently stashin cash for a Floval Flyer for when my daughter can ride I will have something to play with…
I have this burning sensation in my stomach…could it be HOT-ROX? lol…


Nice! I rode for a bike shop up here. We raced throughout the northeast. I wish I could have gone further but I opted into the Army. If only we were young now with the explosion of BMX and dirt jumping!


Waste 40.5
chest 43
Calf L 16
R 15 1/2
Leg L 25
R 25
Neck 15 1/2
Arm L 15 1/2
R 15 1/4
These are as of today…pretty sad…in the stomach area…
Anyone else see food and it smells pretty good but when you look at it you pic how bad it is for you? I am drawn to smells…
HSM tomorrow…I am making a Pizza…I CAN’T WAIT!!!


HSM was a PIZZA !!! I used Chris’ recipe… not bad at all…I wanted to eat the whole damn thing but seriously struggled to get half of it down. I used BBQ roasted chicken, turkey pepp. , chez, organic coliflower, organic pasta sauce, green bell-pepper, olives… The wife ate her DiGornio’s…
I weighed this AM I was at 190… So we will see what this week holds…


Well I am not sure what happened to the scale but I am at 191. I measured last week with a loss of 11/2" around my stomach I am pleased. I am becoming more vascular and hvae noticed some changes but have not brought out the tape… I am out of town again this weekend with family to Dallas so along comes my bag of powdered food with me…I made bread and had some grilled chicken and veggies for my HSM last week.

Thank go I was able to get away from the chocolate chip cookies with out eating them this past weekend…I am not sure what I will do for a HSM due to the fact that I will be staying at my sister-in-law’s house and more than likely everyone will be going out to eat…I hate not being in control of what is being cooked and how it is being cooked…Looks like I will be “that Guy” (I have a shirt with “that Guy” on it) at the table giving specifics to the waiter for my HSM…can’t wait to see the look on his face…


It is a constant struggle to keep these shakes down…I think my stomach (organ) is getting smaler, or an attitude…who said that this was going to be easy…"note to self burn all cold milled flax seed when you get a chance"
that is all…