Smitty's V-Diet Log


Today is my first day on the V-Diet. I have been a long time lurker here at T-Nation, and have always been intrigued by the V-Diet. Finally, this past summer I decided was a good time to use it to my advantage.

The long and short of it is that I have lost a total of 120 lbs but I have been stalled for quite a few months. I have a tremendous amount of willpower and I reason I can do most anything for 28 days. Last fall, I successfully completed a Body For Life challenge. Problem is, I just sort of flounder in the gym today. The V-Diet workout is good for giving my some structure. Basically, I want to complete the V-Diet in hopes that it will jump-start my weight loss again, in hopes of losing the 30 lbs I have left to lose.

I’ll warn you now, I do not have aspirations of low body fat %. I just want to be healthy (not that I don’t think that many of the women on this site isn’t inspirational!) But after being over 100 lbs overweight for close to a decade, I am pretty realistic to what my body shape can be without plastic surgery (or so I have been told.)

166 lbs
36.8% Body Fat
Neck: 13.75 in.
Tricep: 12.75 in.
Forearm: 10.0. in.
Bust: 39.0 in.
Waist: 37.50 in.
Hips: 44.00 in.
Thigh: 26.00 in.
Calf: 14.5 in.

My goals:

  1. To complete the V-Diet
  2. Lose 5 inches from my waist
  3. Reduce my Body Fat by 5%
  4. Lose 12 lbs.

So far, today hasn’t been too tough. I made it through my first workout without too much trouble so I think perhaps I need to up my weight. I was able to hold y plank for 60 seconds and 45 seconds so maybe I’m not as bad as I thought I was. :slight_smile: I have one more shake to go. Aside from actually forgetting that my food isn’t in the refrigerator (I kept opening the fridge at mealtime - smacks forehead) I am doing fine. It’s all about behavior modification. Luckily, I have a very supportive husband who is ready and willing to help keep me on track .

Please clarify. You are a woman or man? My “welcome” will be different based on your gender.

I just read and old post of yours and you are a woman. Welcome, welcome! You will do great! Good luck with the diet! It is difficult but you can get through!

Oh! My mistake. Yes, I’m a 36 yo female.

I have been reading your training log too, Marycler. Good job! For those people that did complete the challenge, the results have been inspiring.

I think for me, the key was determining whether or not I not only liked the shakes, but borderline loved them. And I do. Oddly enough, I really like the taste of the Superfood Supp. So much so, I look forward to Breakfast and Dinner the most. But the nut butter in the shake is really tasty too. :wink: So late night is a little treat.

I bought a small, single-serving travel blender to keep in my gym bag. The only challenge I see (which really is small) is finding a supply if ice wherever I go. Sometimes I am in locations where we don’t have access to food service and I don’t bring a fridge with me. :slight_smile:

But thank you for the welcome!

On to day three.

My second day wasn’t bad at all. I found that making my shakes that still had a few chunks of ice in it helps me to satisfy my urge to ‘crunch’ on stuff. So far, I have been sticking with the chocolate MB and chocolate Surge because those are the first tubs I opened. But I will need to open a new tub of MB tonight so maybe I will open a vanilla and see how that is. Overall, hunger hasn’t been an issue. Basically, when I start feeling hungry, it has been a natural clock for me. It always seems to coincide with when I should be taking in my next meal.

I took a walk with the boy and the dog today and spent most of the day cleaning and doing other tasks so it left me less time to think about food. My DH has taken over cooking duties for himself and the boy during this 4 week stink (except on day 7, I said I would cook dinner for everyone that night) so that I am not tempted to lick any spoons etc. Whatta guy!

Speaking of food, I have started to think about my HSM coming up on Saturday. Food is both my hobby and livelihood so it is appropriate, I suppose. Anyway, I feel like eating a nice piece of seared tuna with a white bean salad over arugula. Good fiber, protein and carbs.

I woke up this morning still sore from Sunday’s workout (See? I told you I was a total noob) so I was dreading Romanian dead lifts this morning. But I just did a nice warm up and got to the task at hand and it wasn’t too bad. Side planks were tough. I am definitely better at the standard planks. :slight_smile:

Your planned HSM sounds really good. It’s funny how we now think about simple things like that.

Chocolate all day long? I am not sure if I could do that! I am on week three now and can’t wait to get healthy food in. Getting tired of all those shakes.

Well, I really like chocolate. :slight_smile: Over the years, my experience with protein shakes have been that chocolate is what I consistently like. Vanilla is second. I don’t like strawberry flavored anything (though, I like strawberries) and I am allergic to banana. However, I suspect that after 28+ days, I may not like chocolate so much any more. :wink:

Although, I may have to investigate the crystal light thing. Each packet will add 10 extra calories so I’m trying to avoid it.

Day 4

Well, broke out the vanilla MB and I found it to be quite tasty. Too bad I only bought 3 tubs. If I had knows, I would have done a 50-50 split of chocolate to vanilla. Ah well.

My very sore legs are getting better but now I am trading sore legs for a sore back and shoulders. It’s all good. My only issue is that the sore legs made getting in any kind of NEPA yesterday a ridiculous feat. Heck, I couldn’t even sit on the toilet without wincing. At least I don’t walk or climb stairs with my shoulders and back so I see it as progress.

So, I need to get in more NEPA today. That’s my daily goal. Everyday, the goal changes to soemthing a little different.


Just figured out that I left my pill-minder with my Flameout and HotRoxx in the fridge at home. So my lunch and afternoon snack won’t have my supps. Dinner and late night will have to make up for it (sans HotRoxx or I won’t get any sleep tonight.)

My fault, for sure. But it wasn’t hard to do since I portion out all of my next day’s meals the night before and load up the pill-minder. Since the Flameout caps get stored in the fridge, well…

Come to think of it, it looks like I broke my habit of opening the fridge all day long. :wink:

Crappy, I know. What I do, I leave a container with the Flameout in the fridge at work so to not miss a dose. I have a bottle of HOT-ROX in my drawer. Don’t sweat it though. Any time of the day is fine (except the HOT-ROX) to take it.

Day 5

Last night, my husband was not able to be home on time so it was up to me to cook dinner for my son. At first, I was a little worried because I reasoned that the only way I was going to get through this challenge was to seriously distance myself from food. When we got home, I just took a moment to compose myself and remind myself that it’s just one meal and I can get through it without tasting it. I began by making my ‘dinner’ shake and had it beside me the whole time. It worked well. I managed to get through making the boy’s dinner and even cleaning the dinner dishes without incident. But I DID sniff everything as I was cooking it. That alone was actually pretty satisfying for some reason.

But shrimp fried rice has never looked so appetizing…

Today was my 3rd strength workout at the gym. I felt much better than Tuesday because my legs aren’t as sore so my dead lifts went well. My shoulders and back are still a bit sore so my lat work wasn’t as good as I had hoped as I had to drop my weight a tad. I think I was compensating with my forearms because they were on fire by the last set. This is the time I wish I had a personal trainer. sigh

I am a big believer in positive reinforcement so I have been thinking about what I want as my reward for completing week 1 (I know that HSM will be grand but I have since learned not reward my self with food when I was getting off the obese train years ago.) So, I am thinking about getting a foam roller. Truly, I could have used one THIS week! LOL! My gym does not have them and I finally caught a YouTube vid on how they work and I knew that was what I needed!

Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson wrote that over foam rollers. It’s pretty comprehensive on how to target various muscles and soft tissues.

That’s a great reward to get, too. My reward for when I finish transition is going to be a BOD POD body analysis to accurately determine my body fat percentage. I wanted to do hydrostatic weighing, but I couldn’t find a place that does it.

Also, remember this day and think back on it after day 21ish. That’s when I really noticed that the foods I used to love were no longer appeasing. I even tempted myself on day 27 by spreading a shake to 4 hours instead of 3 and standing in various “bad food” aisles at the store to see if anything would leap out at me. Nothing.

I hear ya. I don’t like rice, but at that time, it looked good! That was why I really wanted to do the VDiet. I was eating stuff because it was there. Not because I particularly liked it. That’s when i knew that I was falling down the slippery slope again. Right now, spinach sounds divine.

So a foam roller it is! Thanks!

Day 6

Last night was a late night for me as I teach at the University on Thursdays. (Better living through Chemistry.) The interval between my dinner and late nite shake was longer than I wanted it to be. Oddly, I wasn’t hungry for it. I drank it anyway because I know I need to keep in the calorie boundaries but I was worried that I would be up in the night ‘going’ and having good restorative sleep is key during these 4 weeks. Luckily, I slept through. :wink:

I found out something as soon as I got out of bed this morning: I must have used my back waaay more than my legs on yesterday’s deadlifts. My lower back is very tight and tender and I now have a WellPatch on it to loosen things up so I can stretch it. I was told that you shouldn’t need a weight belt until you are squatting or deadlifting heavy weights. But I am getting the feeling that noobs such as myself should use one in order to help support the lower back and perhaps remind us when we are using our back rather than our legs. I also think part of the problem is that I am not a flexible person. I am working on my flexibility but I know it won’t happen overnight (just like my weight loss) I have a lot to overcome, that’s for sure.

I didn’t get to use my blender for my late-nite shake and used my shaker cup. Well, the result is my nut butter (hazelnut today) stayed a big blob in the cup. Something I didn’t realize until I reached the bottom of the shake. Nevertheless, eating a blob of hazelnut butter was a nice little treat in and of itself.

Tomorrow is VBurn challenge day. I’m a little nervous about it. I know it is hard (fine) but the pike push-ups scare me. I’m afraid my lack of upper body strength is going have my head crashing to the floor. :slight_smile: I have a mat I’m going to use to try to preserve whatever gray matter I have left…

[quote]Last night was a late night for me as I teach at the University on Thursdays. (Better living through Chemistry.)

Sounds like a pretty interesting class name :wink:

Yeah, deadlifts are the trickiest. It’s probably an issue with form instead of weight belt. If your form isn’t perfect, or if you lift too quickly, even light weights can cause back strain. I’ve been deadlifting for 10+ years, and I still sometimes get a tiny bit lazy or sloppy and end up paying the price. When your form is perfect and motions are smooth, your glutes (butt muscles) should hurt, and you should feel the burn in the glutes and back of your legs rather than your back. It takes a while to get form right – never round your back, keep bar close to shins and thighs, use hips, tighten gut right before lifting, etc. Here is a good article: Weight belt helps a bit with form, but is more helpful with heavy weights just to prevent hernia in your gut.

Take as much time as you need to finish the V-Burn challenge. Given what you said about your back, I personally wouldn’t push too hard. Strained muscles in the back take awhile to recover, and you really don’t want to mess with that. Besides, it’s your first V-Burn, so you have room for improvement on the next three.

@ allenjs

Thank you! I really needed that. That, and I have to figure out a way to stack plates underneath my (ahem, pitiful) bar so that that I am not starting out in a negative position. I cannot yet deadlift 115 lbs for a full 40 reps so I can’t use the 35 lb plates yet. But I know I will be able to one day.

One bit of advice a really nice guy at the gym suggested was for me to change my grip. I had been doing both hands, knuckles out. He suggested alternating each hand since I said it felt like I was going to drop the bar. That helped. I wear gloves to help with my grip, but that was a great tip.

Actually, my back felt loads better today! Not 100%, but certainly good enough to do what I needed on the VBurn workout. Today, I am aware that my lower back muscles are there when I move a certain way, but they’re not calling out to me all day long like yesterday. :wink:

If you use mixed grip remember to alternate hands on enough sets to lift evenly. Personally, I lift knuckles out. It strengthens my grip to just hold onto the weight. It’s been helping with my climbing.

Day 7

You know what that means, right? HSM day! And I can’t wait to get my shower so I can head on over to Whole Paycheck, er uh… Whole Foods and pick out a nice piece of fish and get some veggies! Wow! I want broccoli! And some beans! And spinach! I feel like a big fat freak. If my sister was doing this diet, she would head right to the desserts. Right now, the thought of anything sweet just ain’t appealing.

So, this morning was my V-Burn challenge. And, um, I think I screwed it up. I really have to go back and read the description a bit more, me thinks. Now, keep in mind, I am in the beginner program and I completed all 5 circuits in 21:20. (scratching head)

My form was NOT pretty on some of the exercises, and I know that building some strength and practice will help with it. But I didn’t have too much difficulty. It was challenging, yes. I was breathing hard and sweating buckets when I was done.

I went through each exercise without any rest in between, without any rest between circuits. My V-Diet workout sheet said 0 rest so I did just that. My husband counted for me (He’s such a good guy!) and said my form looked fine (but he had gastric bypass surgery 2 years ago, so that tells you what he knows about exercise) but I know that I do have some room for improvement. My husband said that maybe it is because I am in really good cardiovascular condition. Before the V-Diet, I wad completed my first half-marathon in July. Anyhoo, this is what I know I need to work on:

Single-Leg deadlift - I need to improve balance on my left leg. Apparently my right leg must be dominant. Twice I nearly cantilevered over. Heh heh…

Push-Up - I’m a girl. And a weak one, apparently. I can’t do all of them on my toes. By the last circuit, I was on my knees. My chest and traps and shoulders were kaput. Next challenge, get through all 50 on my toes.

Pike push-up - This exercise must have been found in the 7th depth of hell. I did get through them, but I’ll bet I looked freakish only able to go down about 3 inches each time without crashing to the floor. But I either go to a really nice gym with really nice people or I was truly entertaining and they kept their laughter to themselves. Either way, nobody was pointing and laughing.

Everything else was pretty good. 40 minutes later and my arms are still shaking like a leaf. I know that this is supposed to be a no NEPA day but I have plans with the boys at the pool. I promised. But I won’t swim any laps this time.

@ Tirith

Yes! He did say that. So I switch between sets. It has helped a lot. If nothing else, with my self confidence. At least I’m not constantly worried that I am going to drop the bar any more.

Climbing… I live near the coast, so we don’t have much of that going on around here. But we have this Mega Outdoor Store in my area that has a huge climbing tower. When I go with the boys, they think it’s really neat to watch (they’re 4) and one day one of them asked, “Can you do that Mommy?” At first I chuckled at the notion, but now I am thinking if I can build my upper body strength, I would like to give it a try.

Smitty, I know you’ve lost 120 so you have to be okay at the eating and exercising thing. I don’t know how much of it was fat vs lean though since you didn’t say how much your body fat percentage dropped in that time. You talked about your exercise stalling in the gym before the V-Diet.

Here are some suitable rewards for you to choose based on what you want to do. I don’t know T-Nation’s product recommendations policies, but I’ll just state upfront I get nothing and have used all of these products.

Precision Nutrition (I have 2.0) by John Berardi- Awesome nutrition book. It will help you build a plan, provide recipes and meals to stick with that plan, and teach you how to measure results and what changes to make to continue progress.

Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto- I got this a little after I started following PN principles. It contains a lot of the same things as PN, but a different presentation.

Overall, I actually like this a little more than PN2.0 because I enjoyed the writing style more. Overall, his nutrition stuff is great to read, but I don’t adhere to his exercise philosophies. Luckily, it’s mostly a nutrition book.

I could recommend more, but those are the two I started with and still find answers in the most.

Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe
Practical Programming by Mark Rippetoe

The first is a how to lift book. The second is a “how to change your workouts enough to not plateau” book. They’re the only books on exercise I’ve actually bought.

For the most part, I just do my own thing inspired by various Waterbury articles. The V-Diet workout is the first time I’ve actually followed someone’s workout plan. I’ll probably buy his books afterward just to see what’s in them.

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