Smart Balance Butter


What do you think about smart balance butter or products? I use it whenever I need or want some butter. But lately I’ve been switching to pasture butter. Was thinking maybe it’s healthier to use the real stuff?

The other thing was I’ve been reading ingredient labels a lot more and it seems a lot of healthy stuff, such as smart balance, uses a lot of soybean oil/canola oil/palm, etc. blends - oh and they throw a little olive oil in there somewhere it seems, haha.


You’re right. I like that some of their products have added fish, flax, and olive oil, but they’re not perfect. Sometimes you can save some calories with Smart Balance “light” but it’s probably better to go with real natural butter, the raw stuff if you can source it. I would if it were more readily available in my neck of the woods. I use Smart Balance in a pinch though if buying from the grocery store.


Smart Balance lite contains interesterified fats:

I stick with the real thing and just cut back on the amount.