Skoal on V-Diet?


Hi Chris
This is probly a stupid question but being a former Marine we have some pretty bad and nasty habits one of which is skoal dip tabacco. it may sound dumb but it actually stops me from snacking between meals and at night. Is this something i need to quit while on V-Diet. I just got my stuff in the mail and am looking to start soon.

I am trying to get back to my marine corp shape as it has been a while since i have worked out due to family (suddenly i have 4 kids) and starting my own business about 4-5 years ago but now its time to lose body fat. dont really care about weight i am 206 which i like being over 200 being 6’ tall but want BF back to around 10% or under


Well, you know the lecture: it’s bad for ya!

It won’t negatively affect fat loss or anything though.

Have you read my “50 Hits of Nicotine” article? Maybe it can help you to get rid of the Skoal while still getting that hit of nicotine:

And since it’s gum you still get that oral satisfaction that can battle cravings. That said, one of the biggest gripes of V-Dieters is that they’re “too full.” Which isn’t a bad problem to have when dieting!

Keep me posted.


This thread kinda sparked my interest,

while I was on the diet I wanted to study for a few tests on the side to take my mind off the time. Normally I would snack (guess that’s why I’m on the diet huh?) Is “50 hits of Nicotine” something you would recommend for a 20yr old who struggles to stay focused on their work and has a hard time staying awake and focused in class as well? Even at work when lunch break is over and it’s just a drag from there haha

The extra info doesn’t say anything other than being over the age of 18 to use. I’m not one who would ever smoke cigarettes, or chew (I will admit I did buy a portable vaporizer (healthiest option it seemed) for marijuana during my two school years to prevent migraines…which it did. But I also attribute fat gains to that big time which make it just as bad as migraine medication and the whole “memory loss, focus problems, and tingles”

Thanks if you get around to answering this (or anyone for that matter!) Just someone looking for some help to pass the time by and get help with my education without turning to your typical study drugs. (really hope these questions aren’t coming off as dumb by the way)