Skipping Last Shake of the Day?



I’ve started my V-Diet 2 days ago, however I found that I wasn’t very hungry at night and so didn’t take my last shake of the day. I’m not too sure if it is ok to leave out the last shake or not. I had my nut butter with my 4th shake instead. Will this cause fatique in a few days to come or is it ok to have 4 shakes and take the last one when I feel needed?




Your calories could be too low doing that, which will lead to muscle loss and metabolism slowdown.

You need the other shake, but if you feel too full (not a bad problem to have a fat loss diet, no?) then reduce the protein by one scoop for the day.


Ha! It’s not bad I suppose. Just to clearify, by reducing the one scoop for the day that means i’ll still be taking the 5th shake correct? If so can I add that to the 4th shake I’m already taking?



Reduce by one scoop per day, split shakes up as you want.


Great! Thanks very much.