Skip the Surge


Hi Chris,

I am doing the training days and have been taking the Surge, however; my training days are modified as I have a damaged rotator cuff and torn ligament in my right shoulder. I am able to do many of the exercises and have not skipped a workout just by modifying it, however; my weights have to remain rather light on the upper body movements. I am wondering then if I should skip the Surge or maybe half it as I don’t feel as though I am putting in the maximum effort. I have decreased the rest periods to compensate for the weight but it still feels as though I am not EARNING the surge. I do feel doms the next day so I am taxing my body.

Thanks for the input.


I’d suggest half the Surge for now, give it a week, then evaluate. If you’re feeling low and not recovered, go back to full dose, which probably won’t affect fat loss given the overall lower carbs of the diet and controlled calories. Or, if you’re fine, stick to half.