Skip Superfood or Take It Seperately?


Hi All

I finally got everything I needed to start the V-Diet and started this on Friday morning. Most of it is ok apart from one thing, is there an alternative to the Superfood? I have never tasted anything that makes my Gag reflexes respond as this does, it takes me all my strength to just drink this shake as its so horrid.

I knew the diet was gonna be hard but I still have to be able to at least like what I am drinking to make it work so I dont give up. Would a decent Multi Vitamin Tablet work? If not then is it ok to drink the Superfood seperate from the shake with a glass of water, so I can at least enjoy the shake?




You can mix Superfood up in water or a non-caloric beverage if you prefer. You don’t have to add it to shakes.

Not using it would not interfere with fat loss, but Superfood does make the diet healthier since it’s equivalent to eating several veggies and fruits while on the diet.


Hi Chris

Thanks for the reply. I will still take the Superfood for the health benefits, I will just drink it with water after my shake.

I did try using Greens + a few years back but again the taste was aweful, I will just hold my nose when drinking :slight_smile: