Skip Shake? Not Hungry in Afternoon


I’m finding that I’m not hungry for my mid-afternoon shake fairly often, usually on days that I exercise. Can I skip it? 5’11" 180 lb female, breastfeeding a toddler 1x daily, beginner workouts.


Not really the best idea, especially on training days when your body will be putting those calories to use recovering from the session. Feeling full on a diet is a good thing, but giving your body sufficient nutrition is even better. It might seem counterintuitive, but definitely try to get the shakes in.

The only compromise, if you’re super-crazy stuffed and don’t think you can get the whole shake down, it to have at least a one-scoop shake. You can use less water to knock it back quickly, but skipping an entire shake is basically removing a full 25% of the plan for the day, which will obviously throw things off in the long-term.